3 Ways to Write Your Book Using the Most Popular ebook Formats

Written by Sophia Clark

Writing a book is not all about drinking coffee and waiting for inspiration. To a much greater extent, writing a book requires discipline and hard work, even though and recognition will be your reward too. In this article, we will discuss the process of creation an eBook. However, we will start with different eBooks you can think of creating.

What eBook formats are the most popular?

Before publishing your book, you should make sure you chose the best and the most popular eBook format. Such formats determine how popular your book will get given its availability for a broad range of readers. Each reading device has its format that it can read. Therefore, think of your target audience and analyze what kind of reading devices people of this country/age/social group, etc. are using more frequently.

After a short investigation, we have found out that the most popular eBook formats are AZW, ePub, and PDF. Let’s see what these formats mean and what devices can read them.

AZW is an Amazon’s proprietary format. It is used on …

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No more gatekeepers. It makes the heart sing.

I’ve pitched a lot of media: movies, books, tv shows, series, specials, documentaries, dramas, comedies. I’ve been in the room with a raucous band of comedy writers riffing off my every word.  I’ve met with studio heads who excused themselves to use their executive wash room – with the door open – just to make a visible and noisy point about their personal power. I’ve been on the receiving end of early morning phone calls from producers who were not in a good mood at all.

I have developed a thick skin, as the expression goes, when it comes to writing, but I am glad to see the power of institutional gatekeepers eroding.

This redistribution of power started with crowdfunding. Once upon a time, if you wanted to get your movie funded, you had to go to a studio development executive and get them to like it. Or you had to sell your rich uncle on the idea, or your rich dentist, or both, and then you had to get a distributor to like it. If you wanted to …

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Disrupting the Publishing Distruption

The publishing industry is ripe for disruption hahahahahah.

Sorry, but I couldn’t resist a giggle there, because writing a line like that is sure to be misinterpreted.  Since I live in an apartment with WiFi, and not in a cave, I realize that the publishing industry has already been quite well disrupted, thank you.  Amazon has blown it up and the resulting shattered walls have created light and freedom for writers. More readers have access to more books than ever. There’s more control than ever for the indie writer. Costs of publishing a book are near zero. You can get good cover art by contracting on Fiverr and a good editor on Elance. There is also a kind of digital slavery involved, since Amazon controls access to your online work.  Amazon is working hard to be the digital railroad baron of our age, controlling delivery and distribution. But as Kristine Kathryn Rusch has written so effectively and articulately (her blog kriswrites.com is worth your time) Amazon’s destruction of publishing’s old ways has created a boon for the old publishing houses.

In Rusch’s clear-eyed analysis, …

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