10 Reasons Your Startup Should Not Hire a PR Firm

Your startup is out of stealth mode. You want publicity. You want noise. You want journalists shouting your name from the rooftops. Reporters sitting around saying nice things about you would also work just fine. Hiring a traditional PR firm to get coverage has advantages, but here are ten reasons not to go the traditional route

1/ Big expense. Traditional PR firms charge a lot. $12,000 per month is not an uncommon fee.

2/ Poor metrics. Few PR firms will guarantee that they can win you coverage, so how can you measure success? You are paying for them to try really hard. Is that good enough? Probably not for your investors, and if you are self-funded, not good enough for you.

3/ You don’t get to run with the big dogs. Sure, you will meet with the big bosses at first, but how will you know they will be the people on your account every day, if you’re using a big firm? You won’t, unless you are talking to them every day. Ask them if they want to start a Slack channel with …

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