The Means of Production

There has never been a better time to start a blog, launch your podcast, or find your voice online. Powerful forces are driving this openness and freedom. Once dominant media outlets are being unbundled, barriers are being blasted away. There is an opening of the means of distribution.

It started in 1995, when Craigslist planted seeds that would grow like weeds to choke the classified advertising departments of nearly all newspapers. It has continued with YouTube throwing off the chains of network-controlled television production, offering a pop culture audience to just about anybody with a video camera and a Millennial sense of humor. More doors were opened by social channels like Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat, and platforms like WordPress,Tumblr and Medium. Indie publishing is thriving with CreateSpace, Amazon and Lulu. The means of production and expression are wide open. There is even talk of NPR unbundling itself into a network of podcasts. Sound good to you?

Well, there is also chaos and evil.

YouTube is owned by Google, an organization questing after world domination online as much as Uber quests after …

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When you work with us, you are working with people who love production. We take pride in being producers and editors.

Podcasting holds a special place for us at Red Cup because it takes us back to our production roots. Our founder, Lee Schneider, has a background in production, writing for Good Morning America and for local news, producing magazine-style segments for FOX and NBC, and executive producing series and specials for television networks like History, TLC, Court TV, Discovery Health and Bravo. Red Cup is in production now on various podcasts

How Our Production Process Works

We work in series orders, usually 10 or 13 episodes. Your podcast can be recorded in studio or remotely, using Uberconference. Here is what we work on for you:

  • Guest research
  • Guest booking and scheduling
  • Editorial ideas for your podcast
  • Series production
  • Post-production, mixdown and music
  • Podcast graphics
  • Posting to Soundcloud
  • Syndication to iTunes, Stitcher Radio, TuneIn, and PRX.
  • Promotion 


How Can We Help?

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