TechSmart Podcast with Pranam Ben



Pranam Ben is CEO of The Garage, a technological hub for innovation headquartered in Orlando. Less than a year old, the Garage is a tech start-up that is helping launch other tech companies.

On the TechSmart Podcast Pranam discusses core startup ideas.  Among them: How to get a start up positioned for funding, how to set expectations for successful venture capital funding, and how to reach out on social media and elsewhere to promote your startup. If you take away one small gem of wisdom from this podcast featuring startup culture, it would be this:

“You’re as smart as the market perceives you to be.”

Wise words from Pranam Ben of The Garage.  The Garage, established in early 2012, pays tribute to the world’s most innovative companies that started in a garage (like Google, and Apple). The company specializes in mobile , digital collaboration and hands-free technologies and has developed IT solutions for both Healthcare and Education. The TechSmart Podcast is produced by Red Cup. The interviewer is Lee …

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