Shelly Sanchez Terrell on EdTech NOW

Our guest today is Shelly Sanchez Terrell. She is the author of The 30 Goals Challenge for Teachers: Small Steps to Transform Your Teaching and Learning to Go: Lesson Ideas for Teaching with Mobile Devices, Cell Phones and BYOT. She has trained teachers and taught language learners in more 20 countries as an invited guest expert by organizations, from UNESCO Bangkok to the British Council in Tel Aviv, and many others.

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Key takeaways:


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Valerie Lewis on the EdTechNOW Podcast

Our guest today is Valerie Lewis, teacher, founder and producer of EdObstacles, a revolutionary way to immerse students of all ages in problem solving and guide them to become strong communicators and advocates for themselves.

Valerie’s Twitter bio gives you sense of her positive energy: “I’m a Teacherpreneur, technology fanatic, a forever learner and DISRUPTOR of normalcy within education. Recently named Teacher of the Year in her local teaching community, she is dedicated to the transformation of learning through engaging and creative activities for ALL students.”

Key Takeaways:

“So how would I teach Math in a way that goes beyond the worksheet” Valerie at 3:54 “We had the students design the project and the activities and the courses ” Valerie at 5:00 “The uniqueness of EdObstacles is that you can integrate any subject area that you like” Valerie at 5:54 “The possibilities are endless and that’s why I think this idea scales” Valerie at 7:45 “Now skills is anything that our students need in the current moment to survive” Valerie at 8:01

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Cult/Tech Podcast with Jon Carson and Ling Ritter of CollegeVine

Joining us today are Jon Carson and Ling Ritter from CollegeVine. CollegeVine is a program that aims to make the college admission and application process easier to navigate for high school students. Jon serves as CEO of CollegeVine. Ling is a current student at Princeton University and one of CollegeVine’s Application Consultants.

The average student receives just under 38 minutes of college guidance across 4 years, and the average guidance counselor-to-student ratio is 1 to 472. CollegeVine seeks to remedy that, providing guidance students need.

Key Takeaways:

“CollegeVine is a virtual guidance platform for high schoolers” Jon at :48 “A near peer mentor is someone who is close to the age of their mentee” Ling at 4:47 “If you really know what you’re doing and present yourself in the right ways you should be able to get where you want to be” Ling at 8:47 “If you make some bad decisions in high school they can become increasingly hard to recover from over time” Jon at 11:53 “We define the customer is the parent and the student …

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Cult/Tech Podcast with Rob Vickery of Stage Venture Partners

Joining us today on the podcast is Rob Vickery, co-founder of Stage Venture Partners. Stage Venture Partners is a seed fund in Los Angeles that invests in software startups with defined and creative technology. They concentrate on new platforms – new forms of media, new forms of transportation, new ways to analyze and make use of data and new software to solve old problems.

In the podcast, Rob discusses some of his favorite recent investments and technologies, explores the role of the investor, and gives some valuable tips to startup founders who are preparing to pitch to investors.

Key Takeaways:

“What is your definition of a new platform?” listen at :30 “There is not one tried and tested process or acid test before you make an investment”  Rob at 4:10 “The beauty is that with a venture fund all investment decisions lie with myself or my cofounder” Rob at 5:32 “An area we find fascinating on the frontier is computer vision” Rob at 9:20 “How far do you think we are from having computer vision just be part of the software …

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Thomas Arnett of the Clayton Christensen Institute on the Cult/Tech Podcast

Joining us today on the podcast is Thomas Arnett, a research fellow at the Clayton Christensen Institute in the San Francisco Bay Area. His research focuses on the changing roles of teachers in blended learning environments and innovative educational models.

The Clayton Christensen Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank dedicated to improving the world through disruptive innovation. Founded on the theories of Harvard professor Clayton Christensen, the Institute offers a unique framework for understanding many of society’s most pressing issues around education, healthcare, and economic prosperity.

Key Takeaways:

“It starts by looking at what does good student learning look like? What does good instruction look like?” Thomas at 2:55 “It’s important to start small and test ideas out before you take them mainstream” Thomas at 3:37 “Why do you think Gooru is a useful tool ” listen at 7:47 “The key is to focus on what does good teaching and learning look like” Thomas at 12:40 “The key to making sure it goes well is not just technology for technology’s sake –  it’s technology to facilitate good instruction ” …

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Marc Goldberg of Trustmetrics on the Cult/Tech Podcast

Cybersecurity is on everyone’s mind now. We have hate sites and fake sites. Your personal information can be released on the web for all to see. What we click on matters more than ever.

Marc Goldberg, chief executive of Trust Metrics, a brand safety planning tool, joins us on the podcast. He will explain what the term brand safety means, and we will talk about how he is keeping an eye on the bad actors. We cover cookies, retargeting/remarketing, programmatic ads, and blacklisting. Listen on SoundCloud, iTunes, Stitcher Radio, or right here on Red Cup in the player below.

Key Takeaways:

Marc describes what brand safety means listen at 0:44 “What is ad fraud?’ listen at 2:51 “Even good guy sites have bot activity” Marc at 5:45 ”The motivation for “” is to make money” Marc at 9:05 “Fake news is just a byproduct of fake publishing ” Marc at 14:48 “I really feel like we live in our own little bubbles” Marc at 16:23 “Now I’m concerned that fake …

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Jag Bansal of Blue Cart on the Cult/Tech Podcast

We all eat in restaurants, but we might not think much about what goes on behind the scenes – except when something goes wrong, like they’re out of something you want. If you’ve ever planned and shopped for a meal to feed more than two people, you have merely a glimmer of what it’s like to provision a restaurant. Ordering ingredients at scale and keeping the right stuff in stock has long been a pain point for chefs, who have a lot more to worry about than cooking. BlueCart is an app that manages the ordering logistics of getting the food to your plate when you eat out. One of BlueCart’s founders Jag Bansal is our guest today.

Key Takeaways:

Jag discusses the 3 main ingredients that got Blue Cart to where it is today listen at 3:10 “How do we help a restauranteur or an operator not have to worry about the missing pieces?’ – Jag at 5:58 “We’ve got to enable our customers to do this on the go” Jag at 6:45 ”What about the resistance to …

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Alex Corbitt on the EdTech NOW Podcast

This is EdTech Now, a ten-minute podcast about education technology and how it’s used in the classroom. It is hosted by Lee Schneider of Red Cup Agency and Noah Geisel, education director at Stackup.

Our guest in this episode is Alex Corbitt, a seventh-grade ELA teacher in the Bronx. His work focuses on socioemotional learning, gamification, education technology, and literacy. You will often hear him on the “Voices from the Middle Podcast,” which comes from the National Council of Teachers of English.

Key Takeaways:

”How much has reading been changed by the use of digital texts?”  – listen at 0:55 Alex discusses the importance of infographics –  listen at 2:58 ”Digital texts are uniquely adept at citing sources” – Alex at 5:28 ”How can ELA teachers specifically make use of tech to teach writing?” – listen at 5:48 ”I have my students write and Yelp reviews” – Alex at 7:40 ”The most important thing to communicate to students to be life long readers and writers is that reading and writing can be very meaningful to a very …

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Bernard Bull on EdTech NOW – Show Notes

This is EdTech Now, a ten-minute podcast about education technology and how it’s used in the classroom.

Our guest is Bernard Bull, who has his own great podcast, Moonshot EDU. He is also the author of What Really Matters? Ten Critical Issues in Contemporary Education. We focus today on reading and motivation in the classroom and how tech can influence and help reading. Lee Schneider is the interviewer. Noah Geisel, education director of Stackup, is a frequent guest on the podcast. Produced by Red Cup Agency, EdTech NOW is sponsored by Stackup (

Key Takeaways from this Podcast

When students have choice and ownership, they are more likely to be engaged (1:01) Literacy today is not just being able to read, it’s also learning to write, listen, speak and understand the nuances of communication (5:37) Tech in the classroom should not be seen as a magic solution but rather a tool that motivates students to communicate and think critically in a digital age (8:00)

EdTech NOW is sponsored by Stackup. (

Stackup is a smart Chrome browser extension …

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Scott Thielman of Product Creation Studio on Cult/Tech

It’s the Cult/Tech podcast – medical technology edition. We’re talking today with Scott Thielman of Product Creation Studio. Scott works on projects in industrial design, firmware, electrical engineering, user experience, and product management. But today we are going to be zeroing in on one company as a use case. LumiThera has developed a medical device which uses non-invasive low-light therapy to treat vision-related diseases – like macular degeneration. In the United States alone, approximately 11 million people suffer from impaired vision, and numbers are expected to double by 2020.

Scott talks about the product development process and who needs to be on a medtech startup’s team in order for it to succeed. We also cover how the Lean Startup methodology applies to medtech startups and the role of design thinking. Lee Schneider is the interviewer. The podcast is produced by Red Cup Agency.

Cult/Tech is produced by Red Cup Agency. The interviewer is Lee Schneider. More info on our site:

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