Keeping it Human Online

I’ve been working to keep things human online since 2010, but it didn’t start out that way. It started with a feeling of novelty, and with experimentation for its own sake.

I joined Twitter in 2009, and the same year started blogging for The Huffington Post. I also published my own WordPress Blog called “500 Words on Thursday.” I picked out my own theme! It was all fresh and new. Strangers commented on obscure blogs like mine. Once, when I was defending Oprah for introducing alternative medicine on her show, I was shocked to receive nearly 100 comments on my Huffington Post blog, many of them pretty nasty. It was scary back then to post a personal thought on Twitter because it felt so shockingly public.

Things are sleeker now, more automated, less human.

Twitter is a mobius strip of personal materials shared in a public forum, so you wonder what can be called personal anymore. Life’s events are so often posted on Facebook that their intimacy is drained away. The boundaries are crumbling, that’s old; what’s new is …

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