5 Training Courses That Can Make Young Entrepreneurs More Savvy

Written by Kamy Anderson 

Though many think that successful entrepreneurs are born geniuses, it takes more than luck to achieve success in the world of business. The combination of talent, support and talent development through practice and training are crucial elements of achieving an envious level of success.

However, a lot of young entrepreneurs have to face a number of challenges when first starting. Dealing with the unknown while trying to fulfill the expectations such as providing new ideas, clear business goals, and properly managing a team can be overwhelming and tough, especially if you make some mistakes right at the beginning.

But what is the essence that shapes the average business owner into an entrepreneurial powerhouse? If we take a look at the Harvard Business School research on the list of skills and behaviors that drive entrepreneurial success, the conclusion is quite simple – confidence plays a major role and is the decisive reason why some entrepreneurs sink while others calmly swim in the murky business waters.

Triumph awaits those who are confident in their decisions and the only …

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Standing Out in a Crowded EdTech Market

We’ve convened an expert panel designed to help EDtech companies market their apps and products to educators.

As an edtech company, you have a dual market. You need to engage kids and you need to convince educators that your app, product and approach are worthwhile. Does it seem sometimes that there is an ever-widening chasm between developers and educators? Our GeniusLunch vidCast will get a dialogue going between EdTech developers, researchers and educators. You’ll learn what educators are looking for, what students want, and how to market your company to both groups.

We’re excited to host two expert panelists on this vidCast. Merve Lapus is the Western Regional Education Director for Common Sense Education. He manages school partnerships across the Western United States and collaborates with school networks, state level organizations, and community leaders to provide guidance around fostering a whole-community approach to digital citizenship and EdTech integration.

Abby Ross is the co-founder of ThinkCerca, a successful EdTech startup. ThinkCERCA is an online platform focused on literacy. The CERCA framework provides a common language for students, teachers, parents, and …

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