Plated Serves Up NYC Startup Success

Shyp will pick up your package and mail it. Postmates will deliver food to your door. Drizzly will bring the booze. Plated is a different kind of delivery service. It delivers a primal cooking experience, and one that Josh Hix, a co-founder of Plated, says has helped marriages and relationships, and inspired people to be healthier by eating fewer processed foods.

It has gotten a big boost by being based in New York.

Mostly, I write about LA startups, because I like the complexity of the LA startup scene. It’s a never-ending journey, like the freeways. New York’s startup scene, I’ve always thought, is more of a grid like NY streets. New York’s startups are often centered around the financial world, or advertising. You’d think Plated would be an outlier in that environment, but not at all.

‘I think it’s helpful to be in such a vibrant center of the culinary arts, a lot of creative people, and technology now. New York is a very deep technology community on its own,’ said co-founder Josh Hix in a recent interview with …

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