Improve Startup Performance – Hack Your Nervous System

We all spend a lot of time thinking of ‘hacks’ for this and that – what about turning to yourself. What would you do to adapt and improve your own thinking and feeling states?

Let’s say you want to improve the financial performance of your startup. Let’s say you want to improve user adoption and, later on, retention. If I could, would I hack my nervous system to achieve these goals? Certainly. It’s only a question of how. Note to those in a hurry: These are not quick fixes, but practices you need to put into play every day.

Meditate to achieve focus.

If you practice meditation for five to 20 minutes every day, you’ll achieve more focus. (More than 20 minutes isn’t worth it – the mind gets tired after that and usefulness decays.) It might surprise you to know that big corporations are starting up meditation programs, and the US military has a program for fighter pilots to meditate to improve focus. Meditation works by reducing the cognitive processing load on the brain, allowing interesting stuff to …

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