8 Major Effects of the Internet to the Retail Industry

Written by Gemma Reeves

The rise of the internet has brought a wave of change that has washed over nearly every aspect of life. With the internet’s capabilities come new opportunities and the necessity of change. The force of the internet encourages businesses and markets to adjust.The retail industry is familiar with these changes and has experienced an evolution that expands opportunity and challenges current practices.

(1) The Internet allows sellers to have a vast inventory, which could be limited when you have a physical store.

Take for example your neighborhood bookshop. Books take up a lot of space, and so the number of titles that they could readily offer would be limited by how many they can actually display and hold in their storage. However, if you check out Amazon.com, they have thousands and thousands of titles of books and even magazines that are readily available for the customer to purchase. They could buy different editions and volumes at just a click of the mouse, and customers can even choose between receiving an actual hard copy or downloading a …

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How to Send Your Company’s Reputation Through the Roof

By Dan Radak

In the business game, reputation is king. Word of mouth can literally launch a business into the stratosphere or shut it down. Especially today, with social media influencing every aspect of our lives, reputation plays a key role. Mistakes are almost impossible to hide – they reach other clients, and your potential audience in an instant. How you position yourself, and what kind of picture you paint of your company can greatly influence the success of your business endeavor. But how do you build up your company’s reputation? Here are some tried and true methods.

Don’t Bite off More Than You Can Chew

The first and foremost thing that will affect your reputation is how serious you are about your work. When you are negotiating, don’t allow yourself to be seduced by potential profits, only to realize afterwards that you have no way of actually honoring your deal. Going back on your word, delays and incomplete deliveries are a quick and sure way to run your business to the ground. No matter how attractive an offer might …

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How To Build A Strong Brand Image And Keep Your Customers Happy

Written by Philip Piletic

Effective brand strategies are the way to build your company and keep your customers happy.  You can use one or all of the marketing techniques outlined below to make both happiness and growth happen:

Implement Smart Outreach Strategies

Although defined broadly, smart outreach is basically the process of connecting with your target market in an exciting, creative way that optimizes the brand awareness process. The end product of an effective smart outreach campaign is optimized visibility and enhanced conversion. Smart outreach strategies are effective because they build relationships while simultaneously ensuring that the prospective client becomes more familiar with the value of your brand.

There are numerous techniques you can deploy to generate these outcomes. One of them includes placing primacy on the community-building process. This strategy is effective because it involves reaching out to the target market in a manner that causes them to organize a “society” or “neighborhood” around your brand. By building a community of people around your brand, you’ll help make your product or service line a more integral part of the prospective …

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Fitting In Or Staying True to Your Vision? How Yacht Got It All Wrong (But Not In the Way You Think)

Using PornHub as ad space was clever. The first time. When Diesel did it in January. Nicola Formichetti, the high-end denim brand’s artistic director, told i-D Magazine, “The message is simple: before you jerk off, look at this.” This is a line Andy Warhol would’ve been proud of. There’s no crying or making excuses in art, people, or marketing – which, some might argue, is one and the same these days.

And now, here we are four months later with a different kind of product being peddled on PornHub, except this media stint wasn’t praised for its cleverness. We’re talking, of course, about the Portland band Yacht (also known as YACHT, but we’re grown-ups here – so it’s just getting one capital letter like all the other proper nouns) and their fake sex tape leak to promote their aptly named song, “I Wanna Fuck You Til I’m Dead.” Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans, the Yacht duo who also happen to be in a relationship, committed to duping the public, through Facebook posts, stating that their sex tape had been …

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The ABCs of Effective Marketing to Ed Tech Buyers

Ed Tech is Rich. Ed Tech is Hungry. Ed Tech is Hard to Penetrate.

Last year was a banner one for the education technology market. According to EdSurge.com, in 2015 the industry got $1.85 billion in funding. The industry has seen venture capital deals boom – and there’s no sign of stopping anytime soon. GSV Capital predicts that the education sector will go from being 9% of America’s GDP to 12%. Not too bad.

With so much attention focused on new education technology, all the “silicon” startups (Silicon Valley, Silicon Beach, Silicon Alley) are bustling to get their products in front of buyers. But how? That’s the question.

Getting to the Core of What Educators Want

Despite educators being eager for great solutions, there’s still a challenge in getting educators to try or even think about trying your product. That is, in part, due to many startups being unaware of how educators like to do business (word-of-mouth, great reviews, in-person communication) and what gets them to perk up as they pass hundreds of tables down convention aisles.

And what do …

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How Can Instagram Help a New Business?


Instagram can also be used as an online marketing tool to develop your business. What makes it unique is that pictures can be shared easily and it is mobile-friendly too.

These are some the ways it can be helpful

        It draws followers to window-shop         You can get new business contacts         It can help increase sales         You can keep in touch with your customers         You can connect at a much more personal level

Graphic courtesy idigic.



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The Importance of Targeted Marketing: HotelEngine Case Study

Based out of Denver, HotelEngine has launched an exclusive hotel booking service focused on helping save time and offering discounted rates. It offers its services for free and is especially appealing to small to medium businesses that do not get the same business travel savings as many large corporations that book in bulk. We like them because not only do they provide a valuable service, they are also doing an excellent job of marketing as a small startup in an extremely competitive market. Check out their website here: www.hotelengine.com

As HotelEngine’s Brian Gerbetz said in our interview, “The proof is in the pudding.” Most customers who try the service enjoy it and find it useful. Getting potential customers to try the platform can be quite a challenge, especially as a lesser known startup. How do they move forward?

They know what’s not for them

HotelEngine’s social influence is important, but it is not as essential as it might be for a standard B2C (Business-to-Consumer) organization. They also find it hard to cost effectively compete for …

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Executive Summary: Conquering the High Cost of Content Marketing

Over on the Big Marker platform we do webinars each month. The most recent was called Conquering the High Cost of Content Marketing, and it featured a conversation between Communications Director Lee Schneider and Alissa White, founder of Matcha Source. To join up and attend our webinars live, please check out our community on Big Marker.

We follow each webinar conversation with a high-level executive summary that digs into the tools and techniques referred to in the conversation, and lets you in on how Red Cup handles these challenges for clients. Here’s a recording of that summary.

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Conquering the High Cost of Content Marketing

The latest in our Catapult Me webinar series, this is a conversation between Lee Schneider, Communications Director at Red Cup, and Alissa White, owner and resident marketing genius at matchasource.com. They cover ways to communicate with an audience online and specific KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to watch for. Have a listen now:

Join the Catapult Me community to get more informative, free webinars.

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Building Culture from the Inside

Deploy Your Culture First and the Community will Follow

What do startups and artists have in common? They are creative, visionary, entrepreneurial and audacious enough to believe that they can change the world. Labeled by their friends as the ‘crazy’ person who is walking through life with that ‘different’ mindset. Finally, when it comes to communicating their vision to an audience, they all have to deal with the same question. How do we reach the people who are equally crazy and willing to turn into our fans, supporters and buyers?

Whether you’re a startup founder who is building a media platform that can change the online car shopping experience, or you’re a visual artist who is creating installation pieces for galleries, you want to communicate your vision to an audience.  A crazy specific audience at first, because they will be most enthusiastic about what you have to offer. In the startup world, people talk about this early audience as early adopters or “early-evangelists.” In the art world they’re called visionaries.  The way to inspire people and get them talking …

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