TechSmart Podcast with Kreigh Knerr, Creator of QuotEd

Kreigh Knerr is the director of Knerr Learning Center in Wisconsin, a boutique educational consulting company that specializes in standardized testing.  Kreigh has consulted with international boarding schools, individuals preparing for standardized tests across the US, and numerous media outlets on standardized testing and critical thinking.

In 2010, he started exploring going mobile – making a literacy training program accessible by smart phone.  The result is called QuotEd Reading Comprehension, which launched as a beta app in August 2012 and had its national launch this past January. Look for the application in the Google Play Store and iTunes. Even more recently, he’s released the second in the QuotEd app series, QuotEd ACT Science, was just released on iTunes and Android.

TechSmart is available on iTunes, Soundcloud. On the Red Cup site, just click the orange button to play. Interviews are conducted by Lee Schneider.

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