What Can a Media Influencer Do to the FCC or Amazon?

Looks like The FCC has come down with a case of influencer-enza earlier this week. After media influencer John Oliver called for viewers to post comments on the FCC.gov site to protest proposed (bad) changes to the Internet, the site crashed, came back up, and crashed again. Twenty-two-thousand comments were posted over two days this week, with a total of 64,000 comments.  The flood probably happened because of Oliver, and probably also because of a similar call to action on reddit. (Redditors call this the ‘hug of death,’ when so many of them visit a site that the site goes down.)

Louder voices online.

Amazon also felt the power of an influencer. The company is in the hot seat because of a bad decision to drop the hammer on Hachette, one of its publishers. There’s a contract dispute going on between the two companies, and Amazon is applying pressure by slowing shipments of Hachette titles, making them harder to locate on the site, and resorting to other hardball tactics.

Amazon’s bad behavior is working.

Sales of Hachette titles have slowed …

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