How to Cost Effectively Buy Ads to Generate a Community of Customers

There is a fast way to community building: buying ads. Essentially, advertising can be used to buy yourself some friends that may become end users. Before purchasing advertising, you must have an understanding of how much you should budget for these efforts. Use tools like a Customer Lifetime Value calculator to get a better sense of how much its worth to spend on each customer. Once this has finished explore your ad platform options:

Google AdWords — These campaigns can deliver the fastest results, but can also be the most expensive. Your ability to target and focus is excellent, with parameters based on keyword, device, location, time of week, and more. It is recommended that you bring on an AdWords professional if you do not already have experience with the platform. Even what seems like the slightest details can make drastic changes on click through and conversion rates. Finding friends on Facebook — Facebook allows for targeting based on interests in addition to many of the AdWords parameters. Though Facebook presents the challenge of getting users to click off the …

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What I Learned About Promoting Content on Outbrain

Outbrain is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that  allows you to promote your blogs and videos to interested readers. You choose the blogs or videos you want to promote, where you want them to be seen, and by what audiences.  You can individually choose blog by blog or video by video or hook up an RSS feed and go with auto-pilot.

Find Your Readership in a New Way

As in most ad platforms, your bid determines placement and how often your link will be seen. What makes Outbrain different is that you are not placing links for ads, but instead placing links to your own blogs or videos.  The links appear in the sidebar or footer of well-known publications online, like Forbes, VentureBeat, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC and others.  Outbrain chooses where they will go and you have to trust that they’re choosing publications that will bring on readers interested in what you have to offer. For the most part, they’re right, with a little fine tuning. You can add a tracking link to anything you place with …

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500 Words: Dads get respect from …

Dads are getting some respect. Can you guess where from? Their wives? Their kids? Their bosses?  Naw, they already get lots of respect from those people.  (Well, maybe not from their kids, but that’s another blog.)

Dads are getting respect from marketers. That’s right, the same people who have profited for years portraying dads in commercials as incompetent can’t-change-a-diaper numbnuts. They’re studying research on family buying habits. They’ve discovered something they previously overlooked. Dads got game.

Dads are making more decisions about the family than ever before. They are even buying things for the family that they never bought before, like Huggies, baby food and fluffy animal toys.  We dads know the difference between a Gund and a Wubbanub.  (Look it up.)

Why does this make a difference to marketers? Mass marketing is over. When my father was an executive at ABC, the audience share for the network was huge. Now they feel lucky when their Nielsen score matches their shoe size.

As Seth Godin wrote in his blog:

The challenge of mass media was how to run …

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