When you work with us, you are getting people experienced with production. We pride ourselves on being producers and editors. Sure, we are marketing experts, and we know a lot about PR. But collectively we have decades of experience as writers and producers in media production, and we believe that when we serve you, one of the best ways we can do that is by being strong editors. That means sharpening your words in a blog post. It means booking the best guests for your podcasts, and being sure you are booked as a guest on podcasts that are right for you. It means developing pitches to journalists that portray you clearly. It means making the right editorial match between you and a news outlet, and being sure that you feel ready and prepared for a press interview.

To us, this is all part of editorial judgment.

That judgment is what knits together all your communications, internal and external, whether they take the form of an ebook, a blog, pitch, or a podcast.