Our Big Idea

Communications Reimagined

Red Cup Agency has developed a communications practice to serve startups and enterprise business. We provide press outreach, content management, editorial assistance, media development, and business intelligence.

Every agency has to have its big idea. Red Cup believes in reconfiguring communications to fit the right stage for your work. Startups thrive on networks, so our services for startups focus on network building.  It’s about getting you on the map in those early stages.  Enterprise and established businesses need to claim mindspace, to position themselves as leaders, and know how to spend their marketing budget most effectively.  

To get this started, you have to do some deep thinking about why you do what you do. You have to be connected with your WHY. It is the driver to building a culture around what you do. Simon Sinek first wrote and talked about this, and his book is worth a read. Our founder and communications director Lee Schneider wrote a book that outlines the philosophy of Red Cup – it is titled Be More Popular: Culture Building for Startups. It’s on Amazon in Kindle, paperback, and audiobook.  His other books include a detailed chronicle of the Los Angeles startup scene and a new book about the mind of the angel investor. His TechSmart Podcast featured business leaders in conversation. Watch for the upcoming Red Cup cult/tech podcast.  If you’re ready to talk a look at our services, jump here.

Ask the Right Questions

Everyone will tell you that you have to make some noise. That’s good – we like noise. The only way your public noise will turn into useful information, however, is if you have a story to tell. Stories build loyalty and connection. Stories that do the best work come from a deep place. If you can articulate the WHY of what you’re doing, you have something powerful to share with the world, a story that deeply resonates. When you discover a community of like-minded, passionate people, that’s the ah-ha moment. It demands your next step. What’s that? 

Let’s Build a Culture Together

Every film, book or painting is a startup.  Nobody ever heard of it before it was made. Being brand new, it had to connect with a culture. If a culture didn’t exist already, you have to create one. If we fail to find the culture, we fail completely. Researching culture, building it, and sustaining it is what Red Cup does. 


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