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Red Cup Agency has developed a communications practice to serve startups and enterprise business. We provide press outreach, content management, editorial assistance, media development, and business intelligence.

Every agency has to have its big idea. Red Cup believes in reconfiguring communications to fit the right stage for your work. Startups thrive on networks, so our services for startups focus on network building.  It’s about getting you on the map in those early stages.  Enterprise and established businesses need to claim mindspace, to position themselves as leaders, and know how to spend their marketing budget most effectively.  

To get this started, you have to do some deep thinking about why you do what you do. You have to be connected with your WHY. It is the driver to building a culture around what you do. Simon Sinek first wrote and talked about this, and his book is worth a read. Our founder and communications director Lee Schneider wrote a book that outlines the philosophy of Red Cup – it is titled Be More Popular: Culture Building for Startups. It’s on Amazon in Kindle, paperback, and audiobook.  His other books include a detailed chronicle of the Los Angeles startup scene and a new book about the mind of the angel investor. His TechSmart Podcast featured business leaders in conversation. Watch for the upcoming Red Cup cult/tech podcast.  If you’re ready to talk a look at our services, jump here.

Ask the Right Questions

Everyone will tell you that you have to make some noise. That’s good – we like noise. The only way your public noise will turn into useful information, however, is if you have a story to tell. Stories build loyalty and connection. Stories that do the best work come from a deep place. If you can articulate the WHY of what you’re doing, you have something powerful to share with the world, a story that deeply resonates. When you discover a community of like-minded, passionate people, that’s the ah-ha moment. It demands your next step. What’s that? 

Let’s Build a Culture Together

Every film, book or painting is a startup.  Nobody ever heard of it before it was made. Being brand new, it had to connect with a culture. If a culture didn’t exist already, you have to create one. If we fail to find the culture, we fail completely. Researching culture, building it, and sustaining it is what Red Cup does. 


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Services for Startups & for Growth Companies 

At Red Cup, we have two tiers of service.  If you’re a startup, you need to get noticed. Our three-month startup services program gets you on the map with a PR package that includes media advisories, press  outreach, social media consulting, and ad placement. Growth businesses will want our three-month program tailored to their needs, focusing on claiming mind space and thought leadership.  

Startups Start Here 

If you want a fast track, press outreach is the way to go. As an agency partner with Meltwater, our database of journalists and bloggers numbers 600,000. That means we have a lot of contacts to pitch. 

We start by digging into our extensive roster to find the right journalists for you. Depending on your storyline, we may pitch many at once with a press release or media advisory, or we may write to those we know one at a time. We follow up, set appointments for you to be interviewed, and provide media training so that you can answer all the questions journalists ask.


Social Engagement and Online Intel

The journalists we are pitching are on social media, so it’s important to track them there. We follow and engage with them on your behalf. We advise you on how to build your social networks and we use those networks to build online intelligence and generate competitor analysis for you.

Social influence is part of your online footprint, and you want that footprint to be as big as possible. As you might imagine, press outreach can get your message out quickly, while social influence is a slower build.  If you want an accelerant, you add advertising.


Ongoing Campaign Management

Facebook advertising is a great way to get in front of specific market segments. Red Cup creates campaigns on Facebook and Twitter and monitors them for you.  We also run campaigns on a platform called Outbrain, which specializes in editorial placements of your blogs and videos.


Growth Begins Here

Enterprise businesses have an established market and know their audience. Their issues revolve around how to expand market share and how to allocate budget effectively. Red Cup provides an assist with a complete editorial program. During the three-month cycles of our enterprise plan, our expert writers and producers develop the content you need, and we advise where it should be deployed and by what editorial calendar. What kind of media do you need?  Here’s what Red Cup produces: 

  • blog posts
  • guest posts
  • Op Ed pieces 
  • white papers
  • ebooks
  • podcasts
  • webinars

When we partner with you on editorial projects we take the editor role seriously. We help you develop your topics, build outlines, put our writers to work, or work with yours. We will take your project straight through to publication, whether it is a blog, a white paper, or an ebook.


Podcasting holds a special place for us at Red Cup because it takes us back to our production roots. (Our founder, Lee Schneider, has a background in production, writing for Good Morning America and for local news, producing magazine-style segments for FOX and NBC, and executive producing series and specials for television networks like History, TLC, Court TV, Discovery Health and Bravo.) 
Your podcast can be recorded in studio or remotely, using Uberconference, Skype or Zoom.  Red Cup handles guest booking, recording, post production, mixdown, licensing music tracks, and posting to Soundcloud, iTunes, and Stitcher. 

Having media is great, but knowing how to deploy it is even better.  Using sophisticated social media listening systems, Red Cup offers enterprise-level business intelligence. Or monthly Red Cup Listening Reports will inform you about your competitors, determine your ad spends, and sharpen your internal and external communications.  

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When you work with us, you are getting people experienced with production. We pride ourselves on being producers and editors. Sure, we are marketing experts, and we know a lot about PR. But collectively we have decades of experience as writers and producers in media production, and we believe that when we serve you, one of the best ways we can do that is by being strong editors. That means sharpening your words in a blog post. It means booking the best guests for your podcasts, and being sure you are booked as a guest on podcasts that are right for you. It means developing pitches to journalists that portray you clearly. It means making the right editorial match between you and a news outlet, and being sure that you feel ready and prepared for a press interview.

To us, this is all part of editorial judgment.

That judgment is what knits together all your communications, internal and external, whether they take the form of an ebook, a blog, pitch, or a podcast.