Our flagship podcast is called Cult/Tech. It dives into conversations around the culture of technology. We cover EdTech, MedTech, and food tech, interviewing founders about new apps, products, and solutions.

The 20-minute podcast is posted weekly to SoundCloud and is syndicated to iTunes, Stitcher and TuneIn.  Our episodes receive more than 5000 plays a month on SoundCloud alone. The podcast is promoted on our social media channels. @docuguy on Twitter has 11.2K followers.  @redcupagency on Twitter has 2.3K followers. A blog about it is posted here on Red Cup Agency’s site, and on Medium, where we have 1.7K followers. It is also mentioned in our email newsletter.

At Red Cup, we believe in podcasting. Our founder, Lee Schneider, started way back in 2009 with the Be Global Podcast. Then he moved on to the TechSmart Podcast. We are in production now on Cult/Tech, the Storytime Friday podcast, a podcast for Smidge Wines, and an edtech podcast called EdTech NOW.

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