Introducing Mo’popular. A Free Program from Red Cup Agency.

Get the vision you need to grow your startup. Starting now.

  • Find Your Community

    Discover and connect with your early adopters and evangelists.

  • Customer Onboarding

    Evaluate user experiences on your home page and landing pages.

  • Work with the Media

    Reach out to journalists and bloggers who write about your startup.

  • Build Your Datasets

    Use mailing lists and surveys for data gathering. Learn about your users.

Build the network that will help your startup take off.

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Lee Schneider, creative director of Red Cup Agency

Mo’popular is run by Lee Schneider, creative director of Red Cup Agency

As a startup eager to launch into our next phase, Lee’s guidance could not have come at a better time.

Becca Bennett, Telescope Magazine

Lee was able to provide specific ways for us to enhance our digital content marketing oriented startup.

Kripa Rajshekhar, Metonymy Labs

Very valuable conversation, Lee exceeded my expectations. Knowledgable and helpul, I would recommend him in a heartbeat.

Dan O’Donnell, Better Me