Top 5 Best Team Building Activities

Written by Dan Radak

In order to make your company work like a well-oiled machinery, you need to make sure its infrastructure is absolutely flawless. This means having every single person in a perfect spot, based on their merits and predispositions. Still, even this doesn’t guarantee that things will work out for the best.

You see, having a team is not just about composing a group of gifted individuals. It is about people who can synergize together when they need to in order to achieve the best results. Furthermore, creating a positive work environment can help some of your employees overcome their performance anxiety, which is one of the most common phobias of the modern world. To make a great team, however, you need to handpick the individuals who you believe could work well together, and then enhance their bonding efforts with a series of team building activities. Here are a few suggestions.

1.    Playing team building games

The first thing you might want to consider is playing some team building games. This way, you will place your team in an interesting, entertaining and unfamiliar situation with their coworkers as the only thing they can rely on. The more entertaining the game, the more fun your team will have, and this positive response can cause your team to connect on a much deeper personal level. We are talking about games such as two truths and a lie, zombie escape, battle of the air bands and many others. Sure, in the beginning, this might start out a bit slow, but once you break the ice, the things will pick up the pace.

2.    Throwing a company party

Sometimes, the best way to make your team bond is to try and add a bit of spontaneity (perhaps even a bit of alcohol) to the mix and throw a party. For this, you can do anything from throwing a birthday party for a valuable team member to celebrating a company anniversary. When it comes to the level of the organization, your options are also quite wide. Startups can go with an office party or even a house party. On the other hand, larger companies might want to think about something bigger and more extravagant. This, however, would take some serious gala dinner planning, although it would be more than worth your while in the long run.

3.    Organizing a field trip

One of the things you need to keep in mind is that while at work, some people are so focused on their primary tasks that they will be unable to properly bond with people around them. Even during a party in your headquarters, the work atmosphere might still be subtly present, which is why you might want to consider organizing a field trip. Aside from being good for everyone’s health and helping your team reconnect with nature, you will also take them outside of their comfort zone and make them rely on each other.

4.    Including them in your marketing

Another great way to make people connect is to make them work towards the same goal that isn’t related to production or sales. The best field to try this is probably marketing. So, you could, for example, try to get everyone involved in creating a new company logo or a promotional video. This way, you will not only nourish their loyalty towards each other but towards your brand, as well. Furthermore, it will show your clients the faces, ideas and opinions of real people behind your company’s name. Speaking of which, turning this into a group project is one of the best ways to work on your brand as subtly as possible.

5.    Mixing teams up a bit

Finally, even though it might be a bad idea to separate those who work well together, you never know when you will hit a jackpot unless you keep experimenting. One of your main goals is to get your crew to get to know each other, and you won’t be able to achieve this if everyone interacts with the same several people on a daily basis. This step, however, is quite situational and completely optional.


With these five simple team building activities, you can turn your coworkers into a real team. Not only will this boost your productivity but it will also transform your office into a more pleasant work environment. Aside from the obvious material gains, this can also help you in your efforts to retain and hire talent, which can be quite invaluable on its own. Be it as it may, the above-listed methods can be used independently or combined in various arrangements.

Dan Radak is a marketing professional with eleven years of experience. He is a coauthor on several websites and regular contributor to BizzMark Blog. Currently, he is working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies.