What is it like to work with you?

I begin a working relationship with you with an eye toward the big storyline, so I  start by asking big-picture questions and then we shape the campaign to fit exactly what you need. Together, we set clear goals about your email newsletter, the purpose of your website, your outreach to journalists, and your social media feeds. As we get into the workflow, we talk on the phone, Skype on in a screen share, usually every other week, for a check in to be sure that we are meeting your expectations.

What do other people say about you?

“Lee Schneider’s Red Cup Agency has become a huge asset to our business. Lee’s organization and writing skills help us pull together our many thoughts and ideas into a cohesive, well planned, targeted social media campaign. Best of all, he makes all the technical parts happen.  Red Cup is like having a full-blown social media marketing department in house at a fraction of the cost. Lee is a pleasure to work with, bringing us down to a level-headed, calm place in our harried world. We highly recommend Red Cup.”

-Rob Jacobs and Ann Gentry, Real Food Daily

“When Lee reached out to me to suggest creating an awareness campaign about organic, natural and biodynamic wine, I soon discovered a kindred spirit. I am confident that his passion for wine and the art of communication along with a positive attitude and great organizational abilities will make our campaign a great success.”

-Ann Rabin Arnold, Organic Wine Exchange

“Lee was my first and only social media consultant and director for 18 months. He directed our newsletter campaign, managed the mailing list, and connected all my social media channels so they functioned perfectly. His intelligence and deep understanding of online storytelling is unmatched.”

– Amos Nachoum, wildlife photographer and explorer

You have some good ideas. How do I know they will work?

We have key performance indicators that we track such as your web traffic, mailing list signups, sales and orders. We hold ourselves accountable to these indicators. We provide weekly or monthly reports so you can evaluate our work together.

How do I know if a communications plan is a good investment for us?

Your investment in your mission is huge – in terms of time, money, and passion. The face you present on the Internet is the way the world sees you. You’ll want that to be perfectly aligned with your mission to have all your hard work pay off.  Journalists who may write about it, assignment editors who may put you on television, customers who seek you – they are all looking in Google and other search engines for results. We need to be sure you are present, and for your most loyal audience, consistently communicating to them.

Do I have to trust you with my content? What if I want to control that?

I  work in the way that fits you the best. That can mean providing lists of well-researched topics for your staff to blog about, providing research support for you, or curating feeds on Twitter or Facebook that will appeal to your community.

Can you help me decide which kind of content is most important for me?

Yes. I start our work together with an assessment to determine your best online channels. We look for the most friction-free and effective way of putting out media that matters to you, that others will enjoy and which gets re-posted frequently. I work with clients on blogs, videos, podcasts, email newsletters, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest feeds, as well as LinkedIn, Quora and Instagram.

Will you ‘ghost write’ my blog for me?

No. I  support you with  research or topics and ideas if you or your staff want to write a blog.

What about my privacy and confidentiality?

All your data is held securely. I have signed an NDA or two in the past, and if you need one, we’ll do one.

Do you offer packages or charge by the hour?

I offer packages because they provide the best value to you. You can select what you need and pause what you don’t need. All packages are month to month and can be cancelled at any time. We offer some services on an hourly rate when appropriate. Examples would include field production, on-site training, and website design.

If my website needs a fix or a refresh, can you do that?

Yes. I want your website to deliver what you need. I have  a developer team and we also optimize the visitor experience on your website.

How long a time do clients typically work with you?

Most client relationships are three months to a year.

What do you expect from clients in a working relationship?

All of my clients are market leaders – or soon to become market leaders –  who want campaigns built on honesty, authenticity and trust. I always start with those values and build an email newsletter and social media feeds together, in a spirit of collaboration. Some of my clients are ‘hands on’ and want to be involved in every aspect of the process, from content creation to content deployment, while others are ‘hands off’ and expect me to set a direction and report back to them for evaluations.