What We Do

Red Cup has reimagined what a communications agency can be. Whether you are a startup or an established enterprise business, we expand your online network so you can build your base of users and customers. How do we do it? There is no “one size fits all” way to work with clients, so we use different ingredients to bake the cake.

  • Brand positioning
  • Audience Research
  • Outreach through traditional PR channels
  • Facebook advertising
  • Outbrain blog and video placements
  • E-book writing and production
  • Blog editorial
  • Guest blog placement
  • Podcasting

First, we understand what you are all about: your mission, your goals, and your reasons for doing what you do. Then we research your audience. Using a data-driven approach, we deploy the appropriate outreach strategy. A traditional PR approach may be a good fit, often supported by social media. Advertising can give things a push.

For those clients seeking self-sufficiency, we offer editorial services. We write blogs, find placements for your guest blogs and op ed pieces, write and produce e-books, and produce podcasts.  

When we do traditional PR campaigns, we write press releases, develop lists of journalists and pitch emails, and handle responses.  Our media contacts list is strong in tech writers, app reviewers, education, food and wine, business writers, feminists, ecologists, and book and culture people. Let’s talk. 


Red Cup founder Lee Schneider teaches media, marketing, and crowdfunding for the USC School of Architecture and General Assembly.


Red Cup was founded in 2010.  We’ve had the privilege of working with clients in many fields. Here’s a curated list. We have signed a few NDAs, in case you’re wondering, and those projects are not listed here, remaining confidential.


  • Optin
  • Safe Ducky
  • We Are Our Stories
  • Tourette Scholars
  • Childless Mothers Connect
  • Childless Mothers Adopt
  • Million Mamas Movement
  • Organic Wine Exchange
  • Dr. D & Me
  • Shelter Media Project
  • Your Industry Insider
  • The Legacy Project


  • Takoo
  • AccessFuel Networking
  • Miira
  • CoSIGN


  • FOVO
  • Layo G
  • Mountain Mama: Expecting Adventure


  • Daniel J. Coplan
  • Dr. Francine Kaufman
  • Dr. Caitlin O’Connell
  • J. Barton Mitchell
  • Linda Andreotti
  • Tabby Biddle


  • Jen Grisanti
  • The Ackert Advisory
  • Platinum Home Mortgage
  • Sage Personal Finance
  • Lost and Found Productions


  • Stackup

Film Promotion

  • The Wild Adventures of Bebop Fuzz
  • Echos of Enlightenment
  • Reach For Me
  • The Incredible Power of Chance Events


  • Six Degrees of Data


  • Dining with Darling
  • Real Food Daily
  • Poseidon Cooks


  • Daniel Stein Photography
  • Lars Topelmann Photography
  • Amos Nachoum Photography
  • Bob Croslin Photography
  • West Post Digital
  • Jesse Gift Media


  • Babyscripts

Public Relations and Events

  • AJGpr
  • PBC Events


  • LawTake
  • Pressrush
  • App Ed Review
  • AccessFuel

Television Promotion

  • Discovery Health
  • ReelzChannel
  • Bravo
  • History Channel
  • The Learning Channel
  • Court TV
  • Food Network


  • Dubuc Motors


  • BigAnimals Expeditions
  • Tahiti Travel

Wine and Trade Associations

  • Tarantas Wines
  • Mountain Peoples Beer & Wine Distribution
  • Smidge Wines