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I teach for USC and General Assembly, and I’ve created a video series for on-demand learning that was acquired by Curious. It seemed a natural next step to offer a class series to friends, clients and those who are thinking about becoming a client. Hit this link to check out the latest online classes.


I make it easy to reach me directly, whether we choose email, Skype or phone.  I meet online with most clients once a week or once a month to set strategy and follow up on our plans.  We stay in touch via Skype and phone.  Set some time now.


I work with a tribe of talented web developers, coders, writers, videographers, designers, and virtual assistants. I recognize that you are placing your trust in me when I refer anyone to you, so I am extremely selective about who I recommend to you. I’ve developed some perks with trusted vendors, and pass those perks on to you. Look at some perks now.


Since I started Red Cup in 2010 I’ve had the privilege of working with clients from many fields. Here’s a curated list. I have signed a few NDAs, in case you’re wondering, and those projects are not listed here, remaining confidential.


  • Takoo
  • AccessFuel
  • Miira
  • CoSIGN


  • Tourette Scholars
  • Childless Mothers Connect
  • Childless Mothers Adopt
  • Million Mamas Movement
  • Organic Wine Exchange
  • Dr. D & Me
  • Shelter Media Project
  • Your Industry Insider
  • The Legacy Project


  • Layo G
  • Mountain Mama: Expecting Adventure


  • Dr. Caitlin O’Connell
  • J. Barton Mitchell
  • Linda Andreotti
  • Tabby Biddle


  • Jen Grisanti
  • The Ackert Advisory
  • Platinum Home Mortgage
  • Sage Personal Finance
  • Lost and Found Productions

Film Promotion

  • The Wild Adventures of Bebop Fuzz
  • Echos of Enlightenment
  • Reach For Me
  • The Incredible Power of Chance Events


  • Dining with Darling
  • Real Food Daily
  • Poseidon Cooks


  • Daniel Stein Photography
  • Lars Topelmann Photography
  • Amos Nachoum Photography
  • Bob Croslin Photography
  • West Post Digital
  • Jesse Gift Media

Public Relations

  • AJGpr


  • App Ed Review
  • PAX
  • Telescope Magazine
  • Hubary
  • Firevolution
  • Zeus
  • Better Me
  • Six Degrees of Data

Television Promotion

  • Discovery Health
  • ReelzChannel
  • Bravo
  • History Channel
  • The Learning Channel
  • Court TV
  • Food Network


  • BigAnimals Expeditions
  • Tahiti Travel

Wine and Trade Associations

  • Mountain Peoples Beer & Wine Distribution
  • Smidge Wines