How a Chatbot Can Make It Easier to Run Your Business

Written by Elizabeth Kelly

There’s a huge debate taking place in the business world. As AI technology, or the closest thing we have to it so far, begins to take center stage, what are the right ways to use automation in business communication?

Specifically, the conversation centers around the use of chatbots. It’s easier than ever to create one for your business, and the time saved answering basic questions can save your business a lot of money while letting you be more productive than you are now. No, we’re not talking about bots used for automatic retweets and likes for micro influencers on Twitter.

Sound good? There’s still a limit to what a chatbot can and can’t do. The first thing you need to know is what a chatbot is and why businesses use them. A chatbot is a program that can communicate with your customers through text. It’s programmed to understand most of what your customer is saying and responds appropriately. The more information you provide to the program, the better your bot will be able to help your …

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Five YouTube Marketing Campaigns Your Brand Can Use

Written by Cley Williams

The kind of YouTube marketing campaign your brand chooses to launch will be shaped by the culture of the brand, the goals and objectives of the campaign, and your target market. For companies that never run a marketing campaign on the video platform, YouTube marketing can help you optimize their brand awareness and reach which in turn means more sales conversions.

But apart from the obvious pre-roll ads we all know YouTube for, what other kind of campaigns can your brand run?

Marketing Product Placements on YouTube. Among the most frequent and efficient kinds of video marketing campaigns is incorporating a product, service, or even a logo into a video posted on YouTube that is often not directly related to your brand. By featuring a product or service of the brand on YouTube, or even showing the brand’s logo in a favorable light, a company can easily grab the attention of thousands or even millions of YouTube viewers and potential customers. The product could be a part of the set or logo …

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Getting Creative to Jump Start Your New Business

by Holly Horsman

If you’re in the process of starting a new business and getting it up and running, you probably know how challenging it can initially be to gain traction.Oftentimes, it takes a lot of creativity and ingenuity, as future clients are usually looking for something they’ve never seen before. They also want to know what sets you apart from the competition. Luckily, there are many ways to promote your budding business that can really leave a lasting impression. Here are a few ways to get your business out there and start attracting customers. (By the way, if you’re looking for a book on this, check out Be More Popular: Culture-Building for Startups. It focuses on startups, but applies to any new business.)

Hop on the Technology Bandwagon

Technology has provided a bigger platform than ever for marketing businesses and you definitely want to be a part of this! Social media has the power to push your new company to tens of thousands of viewers in a short period of time. Use this to your advantage and be …

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Social Video Marketing: Why It’s Essential for Visibility

Written by Philip Mazloumian 

There are plenty of reasons why businesses should be on social media. But in order to take full advantage of the benefits offered by social media, it is crucial to pay keen attention to the content that you share as well as the platforms that you use.

Quite simply, you need to match the right platform with the purpose you have in mind, whether for potential customers to discover your brand and its offerings or to be able to motivate them to make the purchase.

One such platform is video.

Why video?

Online videos offer a few advantages that blog posts, infographics, and other platforms simply cannot offer.


Before you can compel customers to purchase from you, you need to establish trust. With the right story, you can engage your audience and appeal to their emotions.

SEO benefits

Google rewards companies that use online videos. For one, videos help boost your search engine rankings. Apart from that, consumers spend more time on websites that have embedded videos. In turn, search engines see that as a sign …

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How to Use Successful Enterprise Release Management Practices in Your Startup

By Dan Radak

You might have heard about Enterprise Release Management (ERM), but you’re not quite sure what it is, or even if it could benefit you. After all, you have a startup – a far cry from a huge enterprise. But even startups can take some key points from enterprise release management and use them to their advantage. ERM is, to put it simply, a framework that allows big enterprises to manage changes in software and releases of new software in an organized and efficient manner. Sounds good, right? Today, even smaller companies usually deal with a complex, interconnected software system – the API back-end, the front-end, and the iOS and Android apps are the norm. Managing all the cogs involved in the creation of every one of these parts is no mean feat, and quality release management tools can prove to be invaluable.

Superior Time and Human Resource Management

Think of Enterprise Release Management just like project management, but on a much larger scale. Essentially, instead of one piece of software, several projects are in balance. In situations …

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How Brands and Businesses Can Experiment With Their Content More

By Patrick Foster

Are you fresh out of content ideas? Feeling exhausted and uninspired by your current content strategy? Maybe it’s because you haven’t done anything new in awhile…

As a business it’s important to experiment with different content formats and types on a regular basis to avoid getting content fatigue (and boring your audience to tears).

Use these content experimentation ideas to help you get out of your content rut.

Don’t leave it all to the content creators

Great content marketers know that they don’t know everything. Every business that is stuck in a content stalemate needs to zoom out and get more people involved. Content creators need help from business stakeholders and other departments in order to harness internal stories and unearth hidden content gems.

Content teams need to interview senior management teams on a regular basis in order to obtain insight into leadership and current industry challenges. Internal expert interviews are a great way to discover emerging industry trends, and will help brands create exciting, thought-leadership content pieces. Busy executives can be hard to pin down, …

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10 Useful Mobile Apps for Tech-Savvy Students

Technology in education has revolutionized learning and is empowering students in ways that were unknown to prior generations. Students who belong to the digital generation are not only embracing the digital lifestyle, but they’re also making it their own.

Today, adapting to technology is not just about knowing how to use gadgets. It’s more about knowing how to leverage the benefits of technology and also about learning to explore the infinite possibilities technology has to offer.

Given the crucial role of edtech in education and its ability to engage students, an increasing number of educators today are encouraging the use of technology both inside and outside the classrooms. Consequently, many more students are becoming tech savvy while getting accustomed to cool new edtech tools.

With the growing demand for handheld devices like mobile phones and tablets, the popularity of apps has reached a new high. To fulfill multifarious requirements of students, several useful products have been rolled out – a few of which are listed below:


If you’re stuck while working on your math assignment and are …

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5 Key Digital (Re)Marketing Features for SMEs in 2017

Written by Dan Radak

It isn’t easy to be an owner of an SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) nowadays, especially if you work both offline and online. Many entrepreneurs have realized that investing in offline marketing is too expensive. As a result, the online advertising environment is witnessing a significant rise in the number of online marketing campaigns. Since they’re happening simultaneously with cutting-edge tech advancements, it’s essential to blend them together and improve your online marketing efforts. So, we hereby present 5 crucial features for digitally marketed SMEs in 2017.

Instant needs, instant response

According to current data from the US Census Bureau, millennials – people born between 1982 and 2000 – have outnumbered baby boomers. This trend isn’t prevalent only in the USA. The domination of young, technologically-adept  people is a global phenomenon.  It makes sense that modern owners of small and mid-sized enterprises should adapt their content to those people. In line with that, strip off all the unnecessary features from your websites and, more importantly, your apps. Millennials want it all and they want it …

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8 Major Effects of the Internet to the Retail Industry

Written by Gemma Reeves

The rise of the internet has brought a wave of change that has washed over nearly every aspect of life. With the internet’s capabilities come new opportunities and the necessity of change. The force of the internet encourages businesses and markets to adjust.The retail industry is familiar with these changes and has experienced an evolution that expands opportunity and challenges current practices.

(1) The Internet allows sellers to have a vast inventory, which could be limited when you have a physical store.

Take for example your neighborhood bookshop. Books take up a lot of space, and so the number of titles that they could readily offer would be limited by how many they can actually display and hold in their storage. However, if you check out, they have thousands and thousands of titles of books and even magazines that are readily available for the customer to purchase. They could buy different editions and volumes at just a click of the mouse, and customers can even choose between receiving an actual hard copy or downloading a …

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A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Marketing Strategy

Written by Mel Devent

Thanks to the social media boom of recent years, marketing one’s business or personal brand is easier than ever. Now brands have a unique ability to connect personally with their fans as well as communicate to a wider audience easier than ever before.

To some, however, the world of social media marketing feels like a game with rules that are extremely complex and intimidating. With more and more social media platforms popping up and gaining popularity, it can be an overwhelming task to come up with a social media strategy which is both effective and cohesive across many social media platforms. Plus, with all the platforms out there, it can be hard to know how much time and effort you should devote to each one.

The most effective social media strategies put a little time into several social media platforms daily. By posting quality content and understanding how to make the most out of each platform, you can become a social media-marketing master. Below are some tips on how to use social media to your …

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