Content personalization: 5 affordable ways to do it right!

Written by Charles Goodwin

How do you make your content stand out when so many websites are talking about the same thing on social media? A recent report highlights that a staggering 94%of today’s marketers believe that if you want to be perceived differently in the online environment, you have to find new ways to reach out to customers. Quality content still dominates. But it’s not just about the words you wrap up nicely in a text; but about how you do it.

Content personalization is one of the oldest – and still, most efficient – advanced marketing strategy. It’s not impossible to craft provided you abide by fundamental rules of content creation. Here are 5 affordable ways you can use to hit the mark.

Leverage content to establish social media presence

Everyone’s on social media these days. Brands and companies leverage the power of social channels to appeal to their target audience on a personal level. How do you get started with content personalization. The first step to take is to capture essential information and further details from your …

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Top 5 Best Team Building Activities

Written by Dan Radak

In order to make your company work like a well-oiled machinery, you need to make sure its infrastructure is absolutely flawless. This means having every single person in a perfect spot, based on their merits and predispositions. Still, even this doesn’t guarantee that things will work out for the best.

You see, having a team is not just about composing a group of gifted individuals. It is about people who can synergize together when they need to in order to achieve the best results. Furthermore, creating a positive work environment can help some of your employees overcome their performance anxiety, which is one of the most common phobias of the modern world. To make a great team, however, you need to handpick the individuals who you believe could work well together, and then enhance their bonding efforts with a series of team building activities. Here are a few suggestions.

1.    Playing team building games

The first thing you might want to consider is playing some team building games. This way, you will place your team …

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Love ‘Em or Leave ‘em, Here’s Why You Need Influencers 

Written by Shariq Toor

Influencers are having their day. From foodie bloggers to self-professed style mavens, they show the world what’s new, what’s cool, and ultimately, what to buy. And they do it in a way that’s akin to having a recommendation from your best friend.

Marketers, what’s not to love?

If you haven’t yet tapped into the power of influencer marketing, it’s time. Influencers aren’t just having their day—they’ve arrived.

Here’s why influencer marketing works and why it’s around to stay. Get excited: you’re about to learn about influencers so you can use, er, work with them to help your clients and yourself gain exposure, get leads, and win more customers.

Be warned: this is comprehensive, so you’re going to learn why influencers enjoy such raw power to persuade. There’s a little bit of internet history and the tiniest bit of theory packed in these paragraphs. But don’t fear the long-form post. You’ll be a better marketer for it.

Understand Influencers. Feel Their Power. Then Harness it For Yourself

Influencers weren’t always the darlings of the marketing world. Admit …

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4 Reasons Why You Need Kanban in Your Project Management Tool

Written by David Miller

In today’s digital world, where everyone is always connected through smartphones and tablets, businesses have a huge potential to become more productive than ever before. With a plethora of various types of software at hand, there is a need of a software with increased levels of productivity with which you can achieve tasks easily.

When it comes to project management, you need to make sure that you have everything under control, so that you can ensure no deadline is ever missed and every single task is completed effectively. Project management tools are there to save the day, but are you using them to their full potential?

One of the greatest additions to the project management tools is Kanban boards. Not only can they make your job much easier, but they can help you diligently to complete tasks more effectively. They can also greatly improve communication and collaboration within your company and ultimately lead to business improvement and growth.

What Exactly Is Kanban?

Kanban refers to the workflow management method that helps project managers and their …

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Is Big Data Needed in Small Business?

Written by Jeremy Sutter

Some of the strategies utilized by small businesses for increasing online presence in the past few years revolve around building credible websites, email marketing, digital marketing, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Although some of those efforts are still viable for most small business owners, Big Data analysis has taken the lead for many large business enterprises, and small businesses should also keep pace with the trend in order to stay relevant in today’s competitive markets.

An IDG study of 2016 showed that about 78% of large business enterprises have already embraced the emergency of data and analytics. Small business owners ought to admit that Big Data is a game changer when it comes to collection and analysis of data for faster decision making in regards to the running of the day-to-day operations of their businesses. Big data has, become a major enabler in real-time digital interconnectivity. Most small businesses, shareholders and decision makers in startup organizations are still at the infancy stages of implementing digital transformations that accommodate the Big Data technology. There are various …

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6 Hottest Technologies For IoT Security

Written by Charles Goodwin

The Internet of Things (IoT) is everywhere. We’ve seen an increase in connected cars, connected homes, advanced device purchases, and more. The issue is all of these devices are directly linked to the internet. Since there have been so many security breaches lately, people are terrified. Business people, in particular, want their company websites to be protected.

Despite IoT security concerns that happen even to the most secured websites (e.g. government websites), the tech industry moves forward in an attempt to polish and refine the trends. How do you implement the IoT to strengthen security levels? Let us have a closer look at 6 hottest technologies in the Internet of Things scenario.

Increased funds for improving security issues

 The web is an insecure environment. Cyber Crime is skyrocketing, and companies often deal with lots of challenges as far as cyber-security is concerned. Disrupting technologies and recent tech advancements like cryptocurrency and the blockchain are compelling government officials to spend more on strengthening security.

At last, governments around the world have noticed that the internet is …

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7 Simple Ways You Can Market Your Law Firm Startup

Written by Elena Tahora

First of all, congratulations.


Well, not everybody is confident and strong enough to create a startup. Much more a law firm startup. The world of law is a scary place for a small startup. It is full of big firms that can easily nudge you off the edge if you aren’t careful enough.

But hey, you are already in the ring so you might as well learn to fight, right?

Playing Their Game

Here’s a little secret. Just because a firm is big doesn’t mean it’s the best. That’s the nature of the business. The biggest are those who are great at selling themselves.

For a small law firm startup, this can be quite a dilemma. “In order for a firm to get their name out there, they have to win cases or at least create a stir. But for them to do that, they have to find clients first. This confuses them on whether they should focus on showing they are the best or marketing their firm,” says Dr. Michael Falzon from

If …

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5 Training Courses That Can Make Young Entrepreneurs More Savvy

Written by Kamy Anderson 

Though many think that successful entrepreneurs are born geniuses, it takes more than luck to achieve success in the world of business. The combination of talent, support and talent development through practice and training are crucial elements of achieving an envious level of success.

However, a lot of young entrepreneurs have to face a number of challenges when first starting. Dealing with the unknown while trying to fulfill the expectations such as providing new ideas, clear business goals, and properly managing a team can be overwhelming and tough, especially if you make some mistakes right at the beginning.

But what is the essence that shapes the average business owner into an entrepreneurial powerhouse? If we take a look at the Harvard Business School research on the list of skills and behaviors that drive entrepreneurial success, the conclusion is quite simple – confidence plays a major role and is the decisive reason why some entrepreneurs sink while others calmly swim in the murky business waters.

Triumph awaits those who are confident in their decisions and the only …

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5 Reasons Why Social Media is Essential to Start-ups

Written by Jessica Rousey

The foundation of every successful startup and the launch of the company always involves careful thinking about a social media strategy. We cannot escape the reality that technology has been part of everybody’s life, and one of the most efficient ways to communicate with your buyers throughout the globe is through social media.

Businesses are evolving so fast to sustain the needs of the people, and social media has been their greatest weapon in terms of marketing, information dissemination, as well as building good customer relationships. No matter how creative a startup business model is, the right message has to be carried out successfully to the targeted audience. Furthermore, the impact of social media is so strong that it attracts people and holds their attention. It can also be observed that modern generation of business professionals believe in technologically-advanced tools. Thus, big companies are utilizing the utmost potential of social media to widen their networks and be connected around the world.

Here are some handy tips that will help you make the most of the social …

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5 Elements of a Successful Startup Business Plan

 Written by Elena Tahora

A startup business begins with an idea. Of course, in order for that idea to become a solid entity, there are things that you will have to accomplish first. One of the most important things that you have to do for your startup is the business plan. Your business plan will be your first ticket to success.

First of all, the business plan is what you will present to your potential investors. Your business plan will also help you evaluate every aspect of your business and keep you on the right track. Writing the business doesn’t have to be a pain. All you have to do is make sure that it has the five most important elements.

Executive Summary

The executive summary is probably the most important part of your business plan. That is because it is the part that comes right after your title page. The executive summary of your business should catch the attention of the reader, otherwise, the rest of your business plan will just go to waste.

It has to, like the …

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