Steve Lee of Aura Health on the cult-tech podcast

Aura is a mindfulness app that can learn from you and show you the right kind of meditation session for your mood. It was developed by Steve Lee, who studied bioengineering at UC Berkeley and UCSF. He is passionate about mental health, starting at the molecular biological level, to individual mental health, right up to the macro level, healthcare as it is practiced in hospitals and institutional settings. It’s a passion that he says was ingrained in his personality since birth.

He grew up in a family of doctors was fully prepared to become one himself, ready to press go on the application process, until a different mission became clear to him. He became an entrepreneur.

You’ll enjoy the podcast if you’re seeking to explore meditation for happiness and stress reduction. Steve offered something special for our listeners – a free upgrade to the premium version of the app. Just go to to check it out.

Cult-Tech is produced by Red Cup. The interviewer is Lee Schneider, communications director. Listen here at Red Cup, …

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UnSit Co-Founder Rob Jacobs Featured on the Cult/Tech Podcast

UnSit co-founder Rob Jacobs speaks about working while walking, and how moving while you think benefits your creativity and enhances your productivity. For this podcast he walked through the interview, discussing features and benefits of the WALK-1 treadmill. Listen right here on our site, or click through to SoundCloud to download the episode for later.

Here’s a show log if you want to skip ahead:

1:09 — Professional backgrounds of Rob & Paul, the founders of UnSit 1:39 — Sitting is the New Smoking: “People are sitting too much and too long.” 5:57 — WALK-1’s mobile app, integrated with Apple’s health app and FitBit 9:29 — Examining overall benefits of walking while working — why walk and work? 11:55 — Discussing the medical perspective on prolonged sitting 13:48 — Discussing the creative spark that occurs while walking 14:45 — Scientific and medical discoveries that inspire and support UnSit’s mission 16:45 — How the WALK-1 be used in a work environment 19: 03 — The direction and future of working in motion

As Rob discusses in the …

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A Guide to the World’s Most Popular Podcasts

Got a podcast? Podcasts are a powerful promotional tool. Plus, they’re fun to produce and growing in popularity. According to survey data published by Edison Research and reported by Pew Research, 21% of Americans age 12 or older say they have listened to a podcast in the past month. That means there are more than 50 million active podcast listeners in the US. That’s big growth since 2013, when the share was only 12%. Most are listening on iTunes, followed by popular networks like Stitcher and TuneIn.

How can a podcast help your company? Your growing company needs to establish a leadership position in your market. This can set your company apart from others in the same field. Think of Tom’s Shoes, Warby Parker, Starbucks, or a host of other brands that take a position on current events, charity and giving.

Is taking a position bad? In the old days of business (before the transparency introduced by social media) companies tried to be all things to all people. If you take early radio and TV as examples, they tried to …

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Babyscripts CEO Anish Sebastian on the cult/tech Podcast

Today on the cult/tech Podcast we are talking about an iPhone app and a medical monitoring program called babyscripts.  Joining us on the podcast is Anish Sebastian, the CEO and co-founder of Babyscripts.

Babyscripts has raised more than $2million to “make pregnancy better,” as its founders would say. The startup is working with OB-GYN practices nationwide, distributing a “mommy kit” which contains WiFi- and Bluetooth-enabled monitoring devices to closely connect pregnant mothers with their health care practitioners.

Working with Florida Hospital’s Innovation Lab, Babyscripts is hosting a conference is December called the Future of Obstetrics Summit. The  cult/tech podcast is produced by Red Cup Agency.  Lee Schneider, communications director, is the interviewer.

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cult/tech Podcast – Todd Moore Talks about the White Noise App

In 2008, the White Noise App was a side project. Todd Moore, an app developer, recorded eight sounds around his house, including the crickets in his backyard. Maybe somebody will like it, he reasoned, and it might help some people sleep. When it went on the app store, it joined relatively few other apps there at the time and it pretty much became an instant success, quickly climbing to # 1 in the Health and Fitness category. It’s still a top hit.

Apps that play sounds have become strangely indispensable.  Parents use them to provide a restful sleep space for babies, certainly, but writers use them, particularly writers who work in coffee shops or coworking spaces.  The urban environments many of us live in confront us with a lot of unfriendly sounds. Making a choice about what you listen to is a consciousness elevator and also a sonic power move. Sounds can help you become more efficient, tune out better, or just relax.

Todd Moore is the creator of the White Noise app, and he joins us today …

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cult tech podcast – Vivino Wine App

Vivino is a tool for wine lovers, whether novice or pro, to track tasted wines and discover new ones with ease. The free app for iOS and Android – the most popular wine app in the world –  allows users to take photos of wine labels and, using image recognition technology, matches them against a database of more than three million wines. Heini Zachariassen is the founder and is the guest on today’s podcast. Cult/tech is produced by Red Cup. Lee Schneider, communications director, is the interviewer.

Want your own podcast? Get in touch.

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Storytime Friday: Powerful Online Delivery Systems – Coming Soon to Kindle

In this edition of Storytime Friday, Lee Schneider reads from Red Cup’s upcoming ebook titled Powerful Online Message Delivery – Free and Low-Cost Platforms for Creative Companies and Individuals. If you are waiting around for somebody else to make you famous and influential, you might end up waiting a long time. To achieve either of those goals, you have to take matters into your own hands. But how?

You create your own media— that’s how. In this excerpt from the upcoming Kindle edition, you will get a sense of how you can use free and low-cost platforms like WordPress, SoundCloud, SlideShare and more to deploy your company or individual message to enthusiastic audiences.

The book will be available in the Amazon Kindle store beginning in October.


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Spreading false information is potent. Particularly now, because information spreads quickly. The Russian government is actively spreading false information about Sweden, Ukraine and Syria. It is, in the words of Neil MacFarquhar of The New York Times, deploying “weaponized information” instead of guns and bombs to spread discord and chaos.

Deliberately planting false stories is nothing new. The United States government does it. Kanye West does it. Donald Trump. Just about any Hollywood publicist I’ve ever met. But anyway.

Something else is going on, something bigger, deeper, faster, machine driven and therefore more banal and even more dangerous. Misinformation is being spread by dumb machines controlled by smart people. Yep, badly-tuned AI is your new news editor. Facebook landed in hot water for firing an entire team of contractors responsible for curating its Trending news section. Facebook, which wants to become our news overlord sooner rather than later, was experimenting with making the Trending section more automated. In a press release, it wrote that people would no longer be required to “write descriptions for trending topics.”

Dump the people? Big …

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cult tech podcast with Delilah Panio – SheEO Radical Generosity

In this episode of the cult/tech podcast Red Cup communications director Lee Schneider speaks with Delilah Panio, Founder & Chief Dasher at Stiletto Dash.

Delilah has two exciting projects launching. First, the SheEO Radical Generosity program calls for 1000 women in Los Angeles to create a $1 million fund to invest in ten women-led businesses. In September she will be launching an online course at Stiletto Dash called “The Dash for Funding.”

The podcast is produced by Red Cup Agency. The interviewer is Lee Schneider. Want a podcast of your own? Get in touch at

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cult tech podcast – Education Tech with Stackup

In this wide-ranging conversation about EdTech and digital learning, Lee Schneider speaks with Nick Garvin, founder of Stackup, and Noah Geisel, Stackup’s director of education, about the digital classroom, getting credit for online learning, and the similarities between learning and play. Stackup is a smart Chrome browser extension that teachers are using to track student reading online. It is also used by lifelong learners and job seekers to document their online reading.

The conversation touches on the complexities of marketing to educators, what teachers really want in an “app” and how students are using Stackup and other apps as part of the digital classroom. The podcast is produced by Red Cup. Lee Schneider is the communications director.

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