Book Review: Getting Past Anxiety

Getting Past Anxiety is an empowering, informative and motivational read. Melissa Woods book, “Getting Past Anxiety,” provides readers with the insights to understand how to overcome anxiety without having to resort to prescription medicines.  Most individuals do not realize that when we suffer from anxiety, fear, panic attacks and phobias that there is a reason buried deep inside us that causes these negative emotions that can impact our relationships, mental health, physical health, quality of life, and even destroy someone’s chances of becoming a success in the workforce.

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Valerie Lewis on EdTech NOW Podcast Season 2

EdTech NOW is a short podcast about education technology and how it’s used in the classroom. The podcast is sponsored by Stackup, a Chrome browser extension that tracks reading online for teachers and students, and delivers metrics to administrators. Noah Geisel, education director at Stackup, is the host. Our guest today is Valerie Lewis, Teacherpreneur, technology fanatic, a forever learner and disruptor of normalcy within education.

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Key takeaways:

“And so now what we want to do is go beyond the classroom and expand opportunities for students to have real authentic opportunities with actors, screenwriters, costume designers, music engineers, for major cable and television networks to give them that that pathway that extension that we know schools aren’t capable of doing within a 15 minute period or block or financial situations may restrict them from doing. ” Valerie at 1:20 “So you’ll see a combination of performance-based assessment, you’re going to see student …

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Tim Whitaker of Mighty Writers on Cult-Tech

Mighty Writers was founded in 2009 with the mission to teach kids to think clearly and write with clarity. The organization offers free after school academies, writing workshops, teen scholar programs, mentorships and college prep classes at centers in four diverse Philadelphia neighborhoods. Tim Whitaker, executive director of Mighty Writers, joins Lee on the podcast.

Tim began his career teaching fifth and sixth grade in Philadelphia before becoming a writer and editor. He was the editor of Philadelphia Weekly (1994—2008), and previously the editor of PhillySport and Pittsburgh magazines. Whitaker was a head writer at NBC Radio and has written for The New York Times, Washington Post and Philadelphia Inquirer. He is also the author of “Crash: The Life and Times of Dick Allen.”

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The podcast is produced by Red Cup Agency.

Key Takeaways:

“You know I think that you know our big mantra around here is to think clearly and …

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Mozilla, the nonprofit organization behind the Firefox browser, announced today a new program to combat online misinformation. The Mozilla Information Trust Initiative is a four-pronged effort concentrating on new products, internet literacy, research and loosely defined “creative interventions.”  Read more at the link:

Source: Mozilla wants to matter more in the fight against misinformation

CTRL Collective on the Cult/Tech Podcast

CTRL Collective is a collective workspace that exists to inspire. A local home for aspiring and established entrepreneurs who aim to create, mold, and shape the future, it is a purpose-built environment created to inspire innovation and propel new ideas.

David Bren and Taleia Mueller talk with interviewer Lee Schneider about how to build a community space by curating projects and personalities. They share their deep expertise about building new projects and startups and also discuss how to integrate work and life in a fulfilling way. CTRL collective has locations in Playa Vista, DTLA, Pasadena, and Denver. The Cult/Tech podcast is produced by Red Cup Agency. Subscribe and never miss a podcast episode:

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Key Takeaways:

“If you’re an expert in your field and one of your fellow neighbor members are just getting in to that you can offer some time to help them” Taleia at 1:01 “We’re curating a community not for what …

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Kern County agricultural officials announced Tuesday that they are issuing more than $50,000 in fines against two companies for violating pesticide rules in connection with an incident that sickened 37 farmworkers in May. The firms facing penalties are Sun Pacific, the produce company behind the popular Cuties mandarins and clementines, and Grapeman Farms.

Source: Produce Company Behind Popular ‘Cuties’ Fined Over Pesticide Drift

How to Deal with Performance Anxiety

Here is an article recently posted in Backstage that references our client Melissa A. Woods book Getting Past Anxiety.

While performance anxiety is one of the most common phobias in the United States, chances are many of us are able to calm ourselves and carry on after experiencing it. For some, that’s not the case. Before performing, many artists have cited being so anxious that they get physically sick, like Adele. Others, such as Barbara Streisand, often refuse to perform in public settings because they can’t face their anxiety.

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