Powerful Online Message Delivery
Genre: How To
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Red Cup Agency
Publication Year: 2016
Format: Kindle Edition

There are literally hundreds of platforms available which are cheap and sometimes free, which you can use to post ideas, articles, creative work and much more and in this new book – Powerful Online Message Delivery – we will show you how you can take control and use them to your advantage.

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About the Book

With this book you will give yourself the power to be independent. Just think about that for a second. No more waiting on others to do what you want for a start. You take things into your own hands and navigate your own path to the goals you set.

Simply by creating your own media and sending it to the people who really want it on the platforms they like to use, you will be in total control.

So if you are struggling with the answers and don’t know how to use blogging and website platforms, or audio, video or book platforms, this book can help. If you are an online pro and want to sharpen your game, the book is loaded with insider tips and techniques. Powerful Online Message Delivery is the only book on the subject that you will ever need.

Get a copy today and see for yourself the difference it will make.

As an entrepreneur for an art/tech startup, I am constantly looking for more efficient and effective ways to expand the company's mission and product, in order to reach wider markets and audiences. This chock-full-of info-laden directory is indeed a 'must-read'. I am confident that I will keep returning to Lee's book to double check and cross-reference platforms and companies' information. The book is succinctly descriptive, useful and contains aptly "opinionated" guidance that will ensure continued success for entrepreneurs alike.
– Amazon Customer, NYC
Easy to understand guide with everything you need to know when it comes to deciding which platform to use in your company. I never understood the difference between all of the options for blogging sites that I could use for my business blog until reading this list.
– Susan Moore
About the Author
Lee Schneider

Lee Schneider is the owner and communications director of Red Cup Agency in Santa Monica, CA. Red Cup has reimagined communications for startup and enterprise businesses, building online networks, managing content, developing media, and creating PR campaigns. He has taught media and crowdfunding for the USC School of Architecture, where he is a member of the faculty, and has taught business marketing at General Assembly in Los Angeles. Married to a goddess, he is the father of three. Find him on Twitter at @docuguy.

He is the author of Be More Popular: Culture-Building for Startups, Chronicle of a Startup Town: Los Angeles, Powerful Online Message Delivery - Free and Low-Cost Platforms for Creative Companies and Individuals, and The Angel Playbook, a guide for entrepreneurs and investors.

Factoid: He was a writer for the iconic cartoon series ThunderCats.

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