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ACE YOUR EBOOK from Red Cup Agency covers the essentials of creating a nonfiction book. We discuss how to get your ideas into book form, whether starting fresh or adapting from material you already have, formatting for Kindle, iBooks, or Smashwords, as well as promotion and distribution strategies. If you are thinking about getting into indie publishing, becoming better known, and spreading your good ideas around, this is the brisk read you've been looking for. The book is a free PDF download on this website.
About the Book

Click the Amazon link on this page to preview the book. If you would like a free PDF right now, get it here. An EPUB version is free on Smashwords.

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Genre: ePublishing
Tag: New
Publisher: Red Cup Agency
Publication Year: 2017
List Price: 2.99
eBook Price: $0
About the Author
Lee Schneider

Lee Schneider is the owner and communications director of Red Cup Agency in Santa Monica, CA. Red Cup has reimagined communications for startup and enterprise businesses, building online networks, managing content, developing media, and creating PR campaigns. He has taught media and crowdfunding for the USC School of Architecture, where he is a member of the faculty, and has taught business marketing at General Assembly in Los Angeles. Married to a goddess, he is the father of three. Find him on Twitter at @docuguy.

He is the author of Be More Popular: Culture-Building for Startups, Chronicle of a Startup Town: Los Angeles, Powerful Online Message Delivery - Free and Low-Cost Platforms for Creative Companies and Individuals, and The Angel Playbook, a guide for entrepreneurs and investors.

Factoid: He was a writer for the iconic cartoon series ThunderCats.

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