Tom Murray On EdTech NOW

Our guest on the show today is Tom Murray. Tom is Director of Innovation for Future Ready Schools, a project for the Alliance for Excellent Education. He is a recipient of the Blended Schools Network Leadership Award; named one of the top 16 “forward thinking EdTech leaders in the country,” and named one of the top 100 influential voices in education.

EdTech NOW is a podcast about technology and how it is used in the classroom. We look at real-world use cases, speaking to educators and administrators.


Key takeaways:

  • “The reason we would use technology to accelerate learning is because of the learning not for technologies sake” Tom at 1:42
  • “If we want to introduce it well we have to give them that compelling reason to change” Tom at 2:19
  • “If we’re going to shift pedagogy we need to shift the spaces that kids are learning in as well” Tom at 4:33
  • “Today’s generation is truly coming in with a variety of technology skills, it doesn’t mean however they understand how to use the technology for learning” Tom at 6:32
  • “It comes down to the right blend of teachers and technology” Tom at 10:47
  • “We need to stay laser focussed on the learning side of things” Tom at 12:31


The Christensen Institute:



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