The Magic an Organic Community will bring to you

Sometimes we see startups launching their products or services and it seems to work like magic. Their prospect list grows incredibly fast. Their following is loyal. How do they do it? We may try to replicate their tips and tricks, but as the expression goes, “your results may vary.”

There is one sure thing, a technique that always works. We advise our clients to invest time in foundational thinking – look at the groundwork – as well as fixing urgent problems. Just like for the magician, it requires a lot of backstage preparation for the magic to happen later onstage. It’s smart to begin with foundational thinking, understanding how startups thrive by connecting with the power of an online community.

So how can we start? Every business starts with the idea of connecting people. By understanding the power of a community, we can start learning about its use. Deploy your startup culture from the inside out, and invest time in growing your organic community. Be patient and, more than anything, really try to get to know the people and users you’re connecting with. Communicate and listen. Be the leader and key player of your own community.

Being a leader means expressing yourself. You’ll need to create media that lets your audience know your take, your position, and your stand. Examples of that media may be a keynote speech, a white paper, an interview with a journalist, a podcast or webinar, a single blog post or series of social media posts establishing your position.

It’s time to get smarter by realizing what magic an organic community can bring to you. People who you are connecting with you on a human and social level will develop a more loyal relationship with you and your product. These type of users are open to appreciating your authenticity and want to reward you with honest feedback. Their valuable feedback will help you further develop your product or service to become better and stay relevant. An online community will become one of your strongest marketing tool that will drive innovation and reinvention for your business. That is true magic for your startup.