Richard Chang on the EdTech NOW Podcast

Our guest today is Richard Chang, former associate editor of THE Journal, education technology and arts and entertainment writer, and adjunct instructor at Glendale Community College. We talk about sourcing news on the web, fact checking, and the danger of plagiarizing sources online. Noah Geisel in the interviewer and Lee Schneider is the co-host. EdTech NOW is sponsored by Stackup, the only tool that unlocks the learning benefits of the entire web, while providing the accountability educators need to measure progress and engagement. With Stackup, you can measure and report online reading and learning for your entire district, in less than two minutes. Go to ( We post all episodes on SoundCloud and ITunes. Visit us on Medium for show archives and notes.

Key Takeaways:

  • “I know that Common Sense Media offers some guidelines check them out on the Web site as to how to distinguish real news from fake news” Richard at 1:32
  • “If there are a lot of anonymous sources and there’s not a lot of real experts or sources or references that you can track down and Google even find out who they are, then I would not rely on those as your primary sources. ” Richard at 3:01
  • “I think generally speaking we can rely on Facebook but not always” Richard at 5:23
  • “I think the challenge for educators is now that they have all these free resources out there they not only have to spend time teaching curriculum but then they also have to spend time building a curriculum and reconstructing it you know for today’s students” Richard at 6:43
  • “In a way it’s also a curse because it’s become increasingly easy easier just to go to a Web site lift a little bit here and go to another Web site and lift a little bit there and incorporate it into your piece.” Richard at 11:23

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