Kelly Tenkely on Ed Tech NOW Podcast

Today’s guest is Kelly Tenkely. Kelly has dedicated herself to illuminating how educators can integrate technology in their classrooms. She has started her own school, Anastasis Academy (, dedicated to shaping the development of the whole-child by engaging the mind, body, and spirit.

On the podcast, we talk about educator development, why Kelly doesn’t use textbooks, and how tech can help encourage students to read.


Key takeaways:

  • “I think the biggest thing that technology’s done for us has given us the ability to empower kids in a new way as learners and creators, because now they don’t have to wait for educators to create for them.” Kelly at 1:07
  • “I’ve found the most impactful professional development that my teachers engage in is installing their own passions and bringing those back.” Kelly at 3:15
  • “Technology helps this because it gives them the ability to drive their learning when there isn’t a teacher there to be the experts well” Kelly at 6:24
  • “So I think with the technology it’s so great that you have tools that enable that kind of empowered learning” Kelly at 8:30
  • “As an educator I think we have to identify and explore our passions and curiosities even and especially those that aren’t directly related to education. ” Kelly at 10:10

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