Juan Pablo Segura on MediStrategy Podcast

Red Cup’s client Juan Pablo Segura of Babyscripts was recently a guest on the the MediStrategy Podcast. The episode is entitled “Improving Prenatal Care and Birth Outcomes Via Mobile Technology.” You can listen to the podcast on SoundCloud.

What if we could eliminate preterm births by 2027? There’s an app for that.

That is the moonshot goal of Babyscripts, a new model in pregnancy management that seeks to improve prenatal care and birth outcomes by supporting both pregnant moms and their physicians. The app has been adopted by several of the nation’s top health systems, including MedStar Health, George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates, Northwestern Medicine, UT Physicians, and Aurora Health.

A graduate of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business, Juan Pablo Segura is the Co-founder and President of Babyscripts, the only doctor-delivered digital health tool that employs remote monitoring and big data to detect problems sooner. The innovative Babyscripts technology has been recognized by Startup Health as a ‘Healthcare Transformer’ and by CTIA as a ‘Wireless Lifechanger.’ The venture was also a member of the inaugural GE Consumer Healthcare program. Segura is a sought-after speaker on the future of digital health and consumer empowerment in the healthcare space; he has given presentations at mHealth, HIMSS, WEGO Health, Health Datapalooza, and Health 2.0.

Today, Juan Pablo Segura discusses how the Babyscripts mobile app can improve birth outcomes, more rapidly detect at-risk pregnancies, facilitate patient-doctor communication between office visits, improve patient satisfaction, increase reimbursement for obstetricians, and lower overall healthcare costs. Listen and learn how the Babyscripts team has ‘labored’ to create and test a groundbreaking, evidence-based mobile app available only through obstetricians.

Topics Covered Include:

1. The nuts and bolts of Babyscripts – a new model for managing prenatal care. Employs remote monitoring and big data to detect problems much faster and help obstetricians deliver better care and improve birth outcomes.

2. How the Babyscripts app works for doctors and moms. App functions to detect complications in a preventative manner.

3. How Babyscripts is distinct from other pregnancy apps: Only available through doctor (mobile prescription). Partnership with physician increases engagement. Automation allows doctor access to data on blood pressure and weight.

4. How Babyscripts functions: App provides expectant mothers to-do list, with evidence-based tasks approved by their doctor. Mommy Kit shipped to patient containing blood pressure cuff and weight scale. Minimum of one reading per week sent to doctor. Doctor are alerted to abnormalities in real time.

5. The process of validating the Return on Investment (ROI) of Babyscripts: Aligned with today’s bundled approach to reimbursing prenatal care and delivery. Data collected at home reduces 40-50% of visits to doctor’s office. Frees up slots to maximize revenue and reduce costs. Allows doctors to spend more time with patients with high-risk pregnancies.

6. Why treating obstetrical care like a commodity does not produce optimal results: System imposes one-size-fits-all model. Money not spent in most beneficial way.

7. The traction Babyscripts is gaining with health plans, state Medicaid programs, and leading health systems.

8. Advice for entrepreneurs in the healthcare tech space, including mobile apps and remote monitoring.

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