Jaime Casap on the EdTech NOW Podcast for Season Two

Jaime Casap, education evangelist at Google, did an interview about teaching, learning and the web on the EdTech NOW podcast. Listen here on Red Cup Agency or on SoundCloud.


Key Takeaways:

  • “So you know I hope we get to the point where where our kids are when they don’t recognize digital they don’t recognize — they just know the Internet. ” Jaime at 3:27
  • “They determined was that 82 percent of elementary school kids couldn’t tell you the difference between a sponsored website and a real news site. And that’s scary.” Jaime at 4:21
  • “They don’t know what the world looks like before Google. You know those that are about 16 years old and younger … they that’s how they have access to information. And just because they’re born that way doesn’t mean that they know how to use these tools.” Jaime at 5:55
  • “This generation needs to learn how to drive the Internet, how to look for information, how to vet information, how to notice something is credible, how to test something, how to confirm something.” Jaime at 6:37
  • “So I get a question often which is will technology replace teachers? And the answer is absolutely not. As a matter of fact, I believe that the role of the teacher becomes even more important in the world that we are creating and what we need to do right around the skills that people or students need the most.” Jaime at 7:49
  • “I think that leadership in education is critical. I think giving teachers the autonomy and the space is absolutely critical.” Jaime at 12:09

Read the show transcript at this link.