Jag Bansal of Blue Cart on the Cult/Tech Podcast

We all eat in restaurants, but we might not think much about what goes on behind the scenes – except when something goes wrong, like they’re out of something you want. If you’ve ever planned and shopped for a meal to feed more than two people, you have merely a glimmer of what it’s like to provision a restaurant. Ordering ingredients at scale and keeping the right stuff in stock has long been a pain point for chefs, who have a lot more to worry about than cooking. BlueCart is an app that manages the ordering logistics of getting the food to your plate when you eat out. One of BlueCart’s founders Jag Bansal is our guest today.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jag discusses the 3 main ingredients that got Blue Cart to where it is today listen at 3:10
  • “How do we help a restauranteur or an operator not have to worry about the missing pieces?’ – Jag at 5:58
  • “We’ve got to enable our customers to do this on the go” Jag at 6:45
  • ”What about the resistance to switching?” listen at 7:05
  • “You do have a function called Menu Costing could you talk about that a little bit and how does that work” listen at 9:01
  • “How can Blue Cart help with food waste?” listen at 10:42
  • “We are a communications platform first before a purchasing platform” Jag at 12:50
  • “A chef can send a message through the Blue Cart app to a sales rep” Jag at 14:33
  • “Blue Cart is not just targeted or specific to restaurants” Jag at 15:50



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