cult/tech Podcast – Todd Moore Talks about the White Noise App

In 2008, the White Noise App was a side project. Todd Moore, an app developer, recorded eight sounds around his house, including the crickets in his backyard. Maybe somebody will like it, he reasoned, and it might help some people sleep. When it went on the app store, it joined relatively few other apps there at the time and it pretty much became an instant success, quickly climbing to # 1 in the Health and Fitness category. It’s still a top hit.

Apps that play sounds have become strangely indispensable.  Parents use them to provide a restful sleep space for babies, certainly, but writers use them, particularly writers who work in coffee shops or coworking spaces.  The urban environments many of us live in confront us with a lot of unfriendly sounds. Making a choice about what you listen to is a consciousness elevator and also a sonic power move. Sounds can help you become more efficient, tune out better, or just relax.

Todd Moore is the creator of the White Noise app, and he joins us today on the podcast to talk about releasing the 7th version of the app, developing what he calls the White Noise Market, and other apps he’s developed such as White Noise Baby. He discusses what sounds are most popular and why, and some of the really surprising sounds that people find soothing, like hair dryers and jet planes.

The podcast is produced by Red Cup Agency. Lee Schneider, communications director, is the interviewer. Listen to the podcast on SoundCloud.


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