Alex Corbitt on the EdTech NOW Podcast

This is EdTech Now, a ten-minute podcast about education technology and how it’s used in the classroom. It is hosted by Lee Schneider of Red Cup Agency and Noah Geisel, education director at Stackup.

Our guest in this episode is Alex Corbitt, a seventh-grade ELA teacher in the Bronx. His work focuses on socioemotional learning, gamification, education technology, and literacy. You will often hear him on the “Voices from the Middle Podcast,” which comes from the National Council of Teachers of English.

Key Takeaways:

  • ”How much has reading been changed by the use of digital texts?”  – listen at 0:55
  • Alex discusses the importance of infographics –  listen at 2:58
  • ”Digital texts are uniquely adept at citing sources” – Alex at 5:28
  • ”How can ELA teachers specifically make use of tech to teach writing?” – listen at 5:48
  • ”I have my students write and Yelp reviews” – Alex at 7:40
  • ”The most important thing to communicate to students to be life long readers and writers is that reading and writing can be very meaningful to a very broad audience” – Listen to this key takeaway at 9:39

The EdTech NOW podcast is sponsored by Stackup. Get credit for what you read online. Build your personal learning profile and discover your interests, automatically, on Stackup. (

Stackup is a smart Chrome browser extension that gives students recognition for all of their online reading. With Stackup’s Measure Reading Level button teachers and students can instantly identify the grade level of the text on a web page with a single click of a button. Now, in real time, a teacher can quickly decipher whether a certain web page is an appropriate reading assignment for her students. This feature will be also helpful for students who want to ensure that they are reading appropriately leveled texts.

The podcast is produced by Red Cup Agency.

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