Storytime Friday: Powerful Online Delivery Systems – Coming Soon to Kindle

In this edition of Storytime Friday, Lee Schneider reads from Red Cup’s upcoming ebook titled Powerful Online Message Delivery – Free and Low-Cost Platforms for Creative Companies and Individuals. If you are waiting around for somebody else to make you famous and influential, you might end up waiting a long time. To achieve either of those goals, you have to take matters into your own hands. But how?

You create your own media— that’s how. In this excerpt from the upcoming Kindle edition, you will get a sense of how you can use free and low-cost platforms like WordPress, SoundCloud, SlideShare and more to deploy your company or individual message to enthusiastic audiences.

The book will be available in the Amazon Kindle store beginning in October.


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Spreading false information is potent. Particularly now, because information spreads quickly. The Russian government is actively spreading false information about Sweden, Ukraine and Syria. It is, in the words of Neil MacFarquhar of The New York Times, deploying “weaponized information” instead of guns and bombs to spread discord and chaos.

Deliberately planting false stories is nothing new. The United States government does it. Kanye West does it. Donald Trump. Just about any Hollywood publicist I’ve ever met. But anyway.

Something else is going on, something bigger, deeper, faster, machine driven and therefore more banal and even more dangerous. Misinformation is being spread by dumb machines controlled by smart people. Yep, badly-tuned AI is your new news editor. Facebook landed in hot water for firing an entire team of contractors responsible for curating its Trending news section. Facebook, which wants to become our news overlord sooner rather than later, was experimenting with making the Trending section more automated. In a press release, it wrote that people would no longer be required to “write descriptions for trending topics.”

Dump the people? Big …

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cult tech podcast with Delilah Panio – SheEO Radical Generosity

In this episode of the cult/tech podcast Red Cup communications director Lee Schneider speaks with Delilah Panio, Founder & Chief Dasher at Stiletto Dash.

Delilah has two exciting projects launching. First, the SheEO Radical Generosity program calls for 1000 women in Los Angeles to create a $1 million fund to invest in ten women-led businesses. In September she will be launching an online course at Stiletto Dash called “The Dash for Funding.”

The podcast is produced by Red Cup Agency. The interviewer is Lee Schneider. Want a podcast of your own? Get in touch at

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cult tech podcast – Education Tech with Stackup

In this wide-ranging conversation about EdTech and digital learning, Lee Schneider speaks with Nick Garvin, founder of Stackup, and Noah Geisel, Stackup’s director of education, about the digital classroom, getting credit for online learning, and the similarities between learning and play. Stackup is a smart Chrome browser extension that teachers are using to track student reading online. It is also used by lifelong learners and job seekers to document their online reading.

The conversation touches on the complexities of marketing to educators, what teachers really want in an “app” and how students are using Stackup and other apps as part of the digital classroom. The podcast is produced by Red Cup. Lee Schneider is the communications director.

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Guest Post Policy

Red Cup Agency accepts guest posts on the topics of education tech, medical tech, food tech, and startups. Posts must take a broad view of the culture of the internet, not be one-note promotional pieces for your startup, venture, or company. A good rule of thumb is to make your post 80% informational and 20% promotional.  You may include one link back to your company site, and your bio may include a link also.

We rarely accept infographics. Articles are more in our editorial wheelhouse.

We are interested in articles running 500-1000 words. If we accept your post, you agree to promote it on your social channels in at least two Twitter posts, one Facebook post, and two posts on other channels such as LinkedIn or Pinterest.

Posts do not have to be exclusive to us, so you may run your post elsewhere at same time it runs on Red Cup. Posts that run first on Red Cup are preferred.

We do not pay for guest posts. We do not charge you to post on our site.

To submit a guest …

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Pokémon STOP

You can’t. Stop Pokémon GO, that is. People can’t stop walking around trying to capture Pokémon, even if it means stepping off the curb and walking into traffic. UPS drivers received a special alert this week to look out for kids not paying attention in the street because they were trying to capture imaginary creatures. A woman hunting Pokémon in Wyoming found a dead body instead. At Auschwitz, authorities asked Nintendo to keep Pokémon out of their death camp.  There was a story of a fool caught cheating on his girlfriend because the geo-locating nature of the game revealed that he was hanging out with a special friend, and hunting Pokémon. A man was fired in Singapore for ranting when he wasn’t allowed to play at work.

Look, I’m not a fan of games. I didn’t care about Pokémon when it came out in 1996, as part of the Nintendo Game Boy system, which I also fervently did not care about. But this crazy event presages the power of AR, or Augmented Reality. It is also a lesson in timing, with …

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Storytime Friday – HourlyNerd

Rob Biederman, co-CEO of HourlyNerd, talks about raising an early round of funding in the company. He and his colleagues applied to be on Shark Tank, were accepted, and then had to decline when they learned that the show taping would conflict with the beginning of their second year of business school. The contacted Marc Cuban directly and got a favorable response that enabled them to secure a seed round.

Storytime Friday is a podcast produced by Red Cup Agency. In each episode, communications director Lee Schneider reads from a chapter in progress of his upcoming book, Inside the Mind of Your Angel Investor.


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cult/tech podcast with ARTDEX and PrintbyPrint Group

How can artists become better known, particularly if they are underrepresented in the art world?  How can artists build community around their work? Should they try to build community online or offline? Those are the topics covered in this week’s cult/tech podcast. Our guests are Jenny Park Adam of ARTDEX and Minkie English, who is a founder of PrintbyPrint Group.

ARTDEX offers a  cloud based website and mobile app art archive and management tool, combined with a professional social network platform.  It provides an easy-to-use social forum to create and share digital art inventories of both physical and virtual art collections. The ARTDEX platform connects a global community of artists, collectors, curators, and all levels of art professionals and art enthusiasts. In a blog called 40 Years Later, We Still RSVP Yes to Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party, Jenny Park Adam takes a look at the state of acceptance of women in the art world. It’s worth a read.

PrintbyPrint Group works with artists, artisans, event space owners, designers, collectors, galleries, and technological innovators to bridge the …

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Who Cares What You Search for Online? I Do.

Never thought I would write these words, but Google’s 2016 food trends report is pretty fascinating. You’re probably familiar with Google Trends. It’s a free tool found online used to research the popularity of just about anything you like. If you want to know whether the spice turmeric is the subject of more online searches now than it was a few years ago, you can learn that easily. (Turns out, turmeric is far more popular than before, and people can’t figure out what to do with it once they buy it.)

The Google food trends report hands you turmeric data on a silver platter and serves up as much additional data as you like. You can see that after August 2013, searches for Miley Cyrus tailed off dramatically, to be replaced with people searching for information on Caitlyn Jenner. Right now in certain states, people are searching for the words gun shop, while in other states, people are searching for gun control.

trends.embed.renderWidget(“US_cu_Jf-wb08BAADaEM_en”, “fe_geo_color_chart_7271a09f-34a1-4988-b332-79d4cfcd5a4e”, {});

There was a time not long ago where we could …

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cult/tech Podcast: David J. Neff of

In this edition of cult/tech David J. Neff of talks about the wealth of behavioral data available online and how to succeed by measuring and acting upon it. Clearhead is an validation and optimization agency helping companies employ a/b testing, personalization, and analytics in pursuit of continuous, data-driven improvement. In the podcast, David breaks all that down. We talk about using proximity devices to map behavior to locations out in the world, specific online behaviors, online shopping carts, and the value of friction – actually making certain transactions go more slowly.

David works with companies to help them see the value of a “test and learn” culture, and we talk about that, too. Oh, and since David is an experienced public speaker you’ll want to hear his on how many slides should be in your deck. cult/tech is produced by Red Cup Agency. The interviewer is Lee Schneider, communications director. Red Cup podcasts are available on Soundcloud, iTunes, and Stitcher, with more platforms coming soon. Want a podcast of your own? Get in touch.


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