Know Your Farmer

For breakfast I had a typical L.A. staple: avocado toast. For lunch, a beet and goat cheese salad. And for dinner, I grilled up some chicken and veggies (I’m not much of a cook). Not once while I was savoring these foods did I stop and wonder where they came from.

The American food system has become so industrialized and mechanized that few people, unless they grow up smack dab on a farm themselves, know where their food even comes from. The average American meal travels about 1,500 miles from the farm to your plate. If you’re a foodie or into health at all, that will probably give you pause. This long travel means chances are that your food is probably transported while unripe or is heavily processed to keep it fresh. Not exactly what you want. The shorter the distance food travels to get to your plate, the fresher it is. It most cases, this means it has more nutrition to offer you.

Luckily, people are becoming more aware of the food they consume and …

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Tap an App for Social Good?

Reach in your pocket or purse, feel around a little bit. What do you come across? Perhaps some crumpled up receipts, a piece of gum or two, maybe a multitude of pens. Oh, and probably some annoying loose change that you never have much use for, right? While that cluttering of coins may be more of a nuisance for the credit card using consumers today, those nickels, dimes and quarters can mean much, much more to a person in need of a meal. In fact, only 50 cents is needed to feed one hungry child for one day. Yes, just two quarters.

How One App is Helping Solve the Hunger Crisis

The widespread hunger in the world is an issue almost all of us are aware of, but that not many take seriously or know how to do anything about. Each year, a shocking 9 million people die of hunger. For one social activist, simply knowing such stats wasn’t enough – action was needed. This …

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Slow Eating

Let’s extend the slow food movement to the dinner table.

Nightly dinners were a requirement in my family growing up. This meant a lot of laughs, the passing of plates and maybe a few spats here and there. It also meant watching my dad scarf down his food as my mom sat there shaking her head in disgust. “Can you even taste what you’re eating?” she’d say in disbelief.

While it’s a running joke in my family that a lot of us eat so fast that we can’t even tell what it is that we’re shoveling into our mouths, there’s actually a lot of proof that shows that eating slowly actually truly does mean better health, enjoyment and weight control. My dad is apparently missing out on quite a lot.

When you rush through meals, your digestion process suffers and slows. This type of eating causes you to finish your meal before your natural satiety signals kicks in and leads you to feeling overly full and sick. Think back to …

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5 of the Best Podcasts to Understand the Intersection Between Food and Tech

Food is something you can taste, smell, see and touch. The scent of cinnamon and hot apples waft from the stove, engulfing you in the aroma of a freshly baked apple pie. Greasy oil drips around your fingers as you tear into spicy fried chicken. The platter of sushi being balanced on one hand as the waiter brings it over to your table presents you with a multitude of different colored fish and an assortment of shaped rolls. And of course, don’t forget how satisfying it is to sink your teeth into a juicy cheeseburger complete with bacon and avocado. Clearly, food offers something for many senses.

Now, thanks to a ton of food podcasts popping up on iTunes and other podcasting platforms, the experience of food can also be heard. There’s not many things in this world that can offer as much enjoyment as food and these podcasts prove that.

Many food podcasts offer recipes and interviews with chefs. Those are ok to check out if you can’t think of what to make for dinner. But, …

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