Cheryl Clements Of PieShell on the Cult-Tech Podcast

Joining Lee Schneider on the podcast for this episode is Cheryl Clements, the founder and CEO of PieShell. PieShell is a crowdfunding platform that emboldens and empowers food and beverage entrepreneurs and enthusiasts.

For Cheryl, food is personal.Growing up, she spent summers helping her mother run a pie-making business. Aptly named “The Pie Shell,”it was headquartered where all good startups begin: in the family’s basement. It was from her mother that Cheryl learned what it takes to build a successful food operation. More than that, she learned how communities grow around the food that people share. When Cheryl thought of embarking on her own food venture, she saw a crucial need for a crowdfunding platform that addresses the unique challenges of food and beverage entrepreneurs.

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Key Takeaways:

“That is one of the things that crowdfunding leverages tremendously — is that sense of community.” Cheryl at 1:53 “The foodies that follow them and are passionate about finding …

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Brandboom’s AI first step in changing retail

Our client Brandboom was recently featured in an article on Fierceretail. Here is a quick preview of the article:

Brandboom, a provider of e-commerce tools for retailers and fashion brands, announced the launch of an artificial intelligence (AI) feature on its customer platform.

“We know from our customers how hard it is to be given a chance, to be considered, and to succeed,” said Amy Zhou, Brandboom COO. “And for over two decades, everyone who set out to build a brand had to pay $10,000 just to attend a trade show for a chance to meet retail merchants who might place an order to carry their products in stores. This has to change.”

You can read the rest of the article here.

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Babyscripts looks to grow following $5.7M Series A

Congratulations to our client Babyscripts who just received their Series A financing.

D.C.-based startup Babyscripts is looking to add to its product offerings following a $5.7 million Series A.

The Georgetown-based startup initially launched a platform focusing on care for women during pregnancy. The company’s apps help guide patients through pregnancy. It also provides remote monitoring though an option to receive a “Mommy Kit,” which includes an internet-connected blood pressure cuff. The company is working with 15 health systems.

You can read the rest of the article here.


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A New Retail Ecosystem

In the past, you and I would shop for our wardrobe at a local mall by visiting department stores such as Macy’s and other retailers like bebe, The Limited, Banana Republic and such. It’s safe to say that technology has changed all of that. However, this shouldn’t be news to anyone. It’s happened before.

Let’s rewind to about a decade ago when the internet and social media completely transformed the music industry into what we know today. Up-and-coming artists who used to rely on record labels to listen to their demos for their big breaks are now getting some of their power back — all thanks to how we use technology to discover and consume music.

The same transition is happening today in the retail industry, where a whole new ecosystem is being formed, and everyone in the game — designers, makers, wholesalers, distributors and consumers alike — needs a new map.

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How to Save Yourself From ‘Text Neck’

Written by Kate Durocher

As I type this I’m sitting, hunched over at my desk, staring at my phone researching what I’m about to tell you.

Turns out, this slouched over position I find myself in, and that I’m in constantly throughout the day, has now been proven to lead to degeneration of the spine and even surgery. You see, the human head weighs an average of 12 pounds and, when bent over looking at a phone at a sixty degree angle, that means a weight of sixty pounds is being exerted on your neck as the weight on the cervical spine increases when you look down.

If you are thinking that doesn’t sound very good, you’d be right.

This article was featured on Pick The Brain. Read the rest of the article here.

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Sebastian Stricker of ShareTheMeal on the Cult-Tech Podcast

ShareTheMeal is an app from the World Food Program that enables people to share their meals with children in need, using an iphone or Android app. Joining us from Berlin today is Sebastian Stricker, Head of ShareTheMeal.

The shared meals provided by the organization help provide school meals to 25,000 children affected by Boko Haram violence.

The podcast is produced by Red Cup Agency. Edited by Kay Vermeil. Communications outreach by Jason Visenberg. The interviewer is Lee Schneider.

Key Takeaways:

“We want to work in situations where there is a real need” Sebastian at :43 “In the beginning it was 2 of us and currently we are a team of 10 people” Sebastian at 2:45 “We want to show people that they can help and that it’s also rewarding” Sebastian at 5:05 “We want to grow the pie of funds for fighting hunger” Sebastian at 13:12 “With the app we hope to provide people with the positive feedback that it’s nice to share” Sebastian at 14:50

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Nick Gray of Museum Hack on the Cult-Tech Podcast

Museum Hack leads what they call “renegade” museum tours for individuals, private groups and company team building in New York, DC, San Francisco and Chicago. Nick Gray, the founder and CEO, is here to tell us how it works, and what a renegade museum tour is, anyway. Nick has some valuable lessons for startups and marketers: He has used content marketing to help his company become better known.


Key Takeaways:

“Our tours are two to three times as fast as most museum tours and they’re led by an amazing cast of characters.” Nick at :43 “I’ve just wanted to create a great experience for my friends and that’s what this business is really rooted in.” Nick at 4:18 “We choose our guides based on their storytelling ability and it’s very hard. Usually we’ll have over 200 applicants apply for one job opening” Nick at 6:09 “What happens is people come on a tour with us and they really really like it. They see it’s legit and that our tour guides are amazing and presenters and …

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Tricks To Creating A Successful Online Catalog

The whole world is going digital. From newspapers to shopping, the web is the place to succeed. This means that your designs, products, and ideas need to be available and presented to potential buyers online. You need a catalog and you need it now. But if it were easy to create a successful online catalog, then everyone would be doing it.

You can read the rest of the article by Kate Durocher here.

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Henry Albrecht of Limeade on the Cult/Tech Podcast

Limeade is a corporate wellness technology company that drives employee engagement. The platform inspires happier, healthier and more productive employees. Their tagline is “great companies invest in the well-being of their people, and in return, employees invest in the well-being of the company.“

Henry Albrecht is CEO and board director of Limeade. and he joins us today on the podcast to talk about how companies are implementing effective workplace wellness programs. Listen right here, on SoundCloud, or iTunes, or read the podcast transcript.

Key Takeaways:

“I’ve found that my life at work has a huge impact on my life at home and my relationships with my friends and family and how I feel every day.” Henry at 1:03 “We actually use kind of the voice of the human being to determine what well-being is. ” Henry at 1:47 “One key to successful programs versus ones that aren’t so successful is try to take in the whole person and also their motivation not just where they are right now but what do they care …

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