Podcasting Best Practices

Written by Maria Harutyunyan

According to recent statistics, 112 million Americans have listened to a podcast in 2017. From a marketer’s point of view, this is a huge number of people doing a certain activity.

Reading takes effort. A video tutorial still requires time and commitment. But audio doesn’t. You can listen to an audiobook or podcasts while walking a dog, waiting in lines or running errands. Those are things that we do on a daily basis and as a matter of fact, most of our time is spent on them. So, the point is that through podcasts you can reach your target market not only when they have time to scroll through Facebook but also during their spare time.

Let’s look at some tips and tricks that will help you create a podcast that will bring you clients.

Add Text to Your Podcast

“Wait a second, didn’t you just say that people are too idle to read.” I am not taking my words back, they are but search engines are not. Don’t forget your SEO strategy, accompany podcasts …

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Could the Netflix Subscription Model Be The Next Big Thing in Podcasting?

Written by Amanda Smith

If you’re a performing artist or producer in Hollywood, it’s difficult to miss the banner Netflix has planted in Tinseltown. The organization’s new 14-story tower can be seen from miles away in Los Angeles, topped by the Netflix logo.

Inside, Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos is enrolling some of TV’s best producers and directors. Since Netflix Inc. streamed its first unique series “Lilyhammer” in 2012, the organization has become a standout amongst the most profitable TV networks by purchasing shows from others.

Presently, with a $16 billion spending plan, Netflix means to end up on top as the world’s biggest creator of amusement, creating programs simply like current top-notch VOD platforms including CBS Corp.

Recently, Netflix has signed Shonda Rhimes, maker of ABC’s VOD content such as Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, to a long term deal; employed an official to create unique children shows; and purchased a graphic novel distributor. Netflix Studios is delivering around 75 percent of the organization’s new ventures, as per Sarandos, the key structure of a lineup this year …

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Digital vs. Traditional Advertising: Which One Is Better for Your Business?

Digital vs. Traditional Advertising: Which One Is Better for Your Business?

Written by Dan Radak

Advertising is a crucial step for the development and subsequent growth of any successful business. Accomplishing this goal is often difficult, as companies not only have to maintain but also work on increasing their client base on a regular basis, which means they have to rely on every available marketing tool and promotional channel in order to find and reach as many potential customers while staying in touch with their existing clients. Some companies prefer traditional advertising methods due to their successful use in the past, but others argue that new, digital methods are far superior in reaching more people for the fraction of the time or the cost associated with the traditional. But which method has the upper hand over the other?

Image source: Pixabay

Benefits of digital marketing

Considering that more than half of the world today currently has an active internet connection, it would be a particularly bad business move for marketers to miss out on the opportunity to use …

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Sustainable Startup: 4 Lucrative Business Models to Consider

Written by Kara Masterson

When you’re looking to start a business that will last, the business model you choose plays a key role, and it needs to be a good fit for the type of business you have. The right business model can make your idea far more profitable, but the wrong business model will leave you destined for failure. If you have some ideas and you’re trying to decide on a business model, here are four potentially lucrative options that you should consider.


The freemium business model is most common with online services, apps and digital products. You offer the basic version of your product free of charge, but then charge customers if they want the more advanced version with superior features. The many music apps, such as Spotify and Pandora, are excellent examples of this. You can use them without paying a dime, but if you want to play songs with no ads and download anything to your phone, then you need to pay.

This business model works well because you get your foot in the …

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6 Important Elements of a Successful Tech Startup

Written by Nathan Sykes

Successful tech startups tend to have particular traits in common. Although their ideas and niches vary, you can identify the signs of a promising or successful startup with the characteristics below

Addresses a Technological Need

A successful startup manages to, firstly, recognize an unfulfilled need. Several of last year’s most successful startups did just that. Media site Cheddar earned millions in funding after recognizing an absence of news networks catering to millennials. Uber competitor Juno, seeing the dismay of Uber and Lyft drivers over how much profit they take, launched a more driver-friendly service that keeps a smaller share of the profit. Nanit recognized the need for a smart baby camera that provides data about how your baby sleeps, like how long it takes them to fall asleep.

All of these startups did well in recognizing a relative need and delivering a product or service that fulfills the desire for that need.

Direct Consumer Targeting on a Scalable Level

Although indirect third-party sales can help a startup get on its feet, the most …

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How to Create Content for Every Stage of the Sales Funnel

Written by Pontus

You’ve churned out dozens of blog posts, ebooks, and podcasts over the past six months and you’ve got nothing to show for it. No leads, no significant boost in traffic, and no more money in the bank. A lot of us have been there at some point, and it’s defeating to say the least.

But the fact is, content marketing can be incredibly effective — if done right. And if you’re confused, you’re not alone. 65% of marketers claim to be confused about what content works and what doesn’t. It’s not always easy to determine what content will bring your prospects in and what won’t. But it helps if you start looking at the buyer’s journey: Visualize the funnel.

The Sales Funnel

For the sake of simplicity, let’s imagine the sales funnel as basic as we can:

Awareness: This is the top of the funnel where people are just gaining knowledge of your brand. Consideration: At this stage, leads are aware that you exist and are considering or comparing your offer. Conversion: This …

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6 Things You Don’t Want to Skimp on When Building Custom Food Trucks

Written by Michael Zhou

The food truck industry is blowing up from coast to coast. Millions of foodies are getting innovative cuisine creations from faire you can’t find in restaurants, and food truck owners are grossing an average of $300K a year living their dream. If you have aspirations to enter this exciting industry as the newest entrepreneur chef, you will need to seek the best custom food truck builder to create the foundation of your business. This is where you don’t want to skimp; your ability to run at full efficiency, attracts crowds, and generate revenue relies on the best food truck build. Here are six things you don’t want to skimp on in so you can be the next big hit on the streets.

High Quality Food Truck Platform

Don’t be tempted to buy a previously owned food truck or skimp on a design with second-rate parts. One of the leading reasons why food truck owners have to close shop is they ran into multiple repair bills that prevented them from working high-peak hours while having …

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How to Market Your New Business Online

Written by Hayden Myers

Most people now accept that having an online presence is crucial to the success of a new business that is trying to find its first customers and start growing. However, too many people spend a great deal of effort in creating their website, and then simply cross their fingers and wait for something to happen. But with so much competition and ‘noise’ out there, just having a website is no longer enough – you need to make continuous efforts to market it and promote your product, just like you do in the offline world.

We’ve broken the process down into a few questions to help you better understand what it takes for a website to do the job you want it to – of selling your product or service – and how to do it well.

Is your website mobile- and user-friendly?

A lot of business owners have a clear idea of what they want their website to look like – and that often includes things like company colors and large images, attractive fonts and other …

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8 Things Startup Founders Should Know Before Writing a Book 

Written by Sophia Clark

 You have started your own business and now may be considered a person who has succeeded at least at one sphere of life? Want to open new horizons or simply want to explain your company mission? Write a book. If you don’t know where to start, we have collected some tips for you to follow.

#1 Write for the Right Reason

It is hard to deny that your goals and motives are very important for one’s success. Curiously, money is never a good goal. You need a big idea to make your startup work. The same thing is with writing. You will never sell a book if all you want is to sell it. But if it is written for a higher goal and with feeling – it will sell itself. Besides money, you should never write out of mere vanity. If someone else’s fame keeps you restless, you will never be a good writer.

#2 Be Realistic

Before you start an actual book, try yourself as a writer in smaller things, like social …

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How Can Your Business Benefit from Hiring Remote Workers?

Written by Sharon Koifman

There’s a bit of a tug-of-war going on in the minds of business advisors these days. Half of them are advocating for open plan, versatile office spaces to promote creativity. The other half are espousing the benefits of remote working, which promotes productivity.

The answer is, unsurprisingly, that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. For some companies, or departments, an on-site solution is the best. It creates an environment that’s great for extroverts, allowing them to bounce ideas off each other and come up with creative solutions.

For other tasks, where the lack of interruptions is a boon, then remote working is most definitely the way to go. If you have a team of ace software developers, do you really want them being interrupted every twenty minutes to be asked about the problem’s someone’s Grandma is having with Windows? Thought not.

Remote working gives you more than just peace and quiet to concentrate. Here are just a few of the reasons you should consider remote working for your business.


Many of the most successful businesses today started …

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