Red Cup has reimagined communications for growth companies in education technology, medical technology, and food tech. We also love books and authors. We build online networks by developing content. We manage podcasting and blogging, write articles and op ed pieces, and launch PR campaigns. We bring you results, and we make them measurable. We donate a minimum of 5% of our annual profits to the ACLU and the Committee to Protect Journalists. Here are our services

Is Red Cup a PR agency, a communications agency, or something else?

We are dedicated to reconfiguring what it means to engage online, so we deliberately color outside the lines, blending traditional PR, editorial, and rich media content. At the end of the day, we are media people. We believe in the expressive power of media, whether you create it yourself or have us do it for you. Why focus on ed tech, med tech, and food tech? These are all life-affirming industries. Everyone wants to learn, be healthy, and eat better.  

Who We Are

Lee Schneider – Communications Director and Founder

Lee Schneider is Red Cup’s communications director and founder. He is the lead on client accounts, managing external communications such as press releases and ebooks, and internal communications such as email newsletters and blogs. He oversees social media posting for clients and advertising placements on all platforms. He is an instructor at USC and has more than 20 years of experience in journalism. He has been a writer for Good Morning America, a producer for Dateline NBC, and a producer and executive producer on many hours of programming for the History Channel, The Learning Channel, A&E, the Travel Channel, Bravo and others. He is the author of  Be More Popular: Culture-Building for Startups, an Amazon #1 bestseller, Los Angeles: Chronicle of a Startup Town, Powerful Online Delivery Systems: Free and Low-Cost Platforms for Creative Companies and Individuals.  His forthcoming book, The Angel Investor Handbook, will be released in 2017. He writes a column for Medium and a highly-experimental, opinionated newsletter.  He is executive producer and sometimes host on four podcasts, including Cult/Tech, EdTech NOW, The Smidge Wines Podcast, and Storytime Friday. He is a native New Yorker who has lived in California since 1988, when he moved to LA to write feature screenplays for Disney. He also wrote episodic television programs and cartoons, including the now-iconic ThunderCats. His mother was a sculptor and his father a lawyer; in keeping with his genetic makeup, he combines the artistic and analytical, serving his clients with an approach both creative and data driven. He is a married father of three. 

Kate Durocher – Press Outreach Manager

Kate Durocher is Red Cup’s Press Outreach Manager. She develops story pitches, writes press releases and manages the Red Cup media database. She graduated from the University of Southern California in 2015. She studied broadcast and digital journalism and entertainment and communication during her time as a Trojan. Originally from Michigan, Kate moved out to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming a journalist. She has experience in all areas of show business, from being the executive producer of her own entertainment news show, to hosting for an array of outlets, Kate loves to inform and entertain others. In the past, Kate has written for publications such as The Hollywood Reporter and E! News and her first job in LA was as a classic car researcher for Discovery Channel’s Overhaulin’. Kate grew up on Lake Erie and had grandparents who were farmers, making her quite the adventurer. Throughout school, Kate performed in many musicals and was a dancer, with tap dancing being her favorite. On top of that, Kate has a passion for volunteering and helping others and advocates especially for anti-bullying, a topic that is near to her heart. Some fun facts about Kate include that she can ride a unicycle, has interviewed celebrities like Robert De Niro and Sandra Bullock and she used to raise rabbits!

Dave Mendonca – Podcast Booking Producer

Dave Mendonca is Red Cup’s podcast booking producer. Using his deep resources and abundant contacts in the podcasting community, he finds the right podcasts for our clients.  He writes useful freelance articles about how podcasting can be a good marketing tool for business owners. He lives in the Toronto area.



Tom Disher – Audio Production

Tom-2C573E49-E3DF-4A8F-802C-3341241A433B@attlocal.netTom Disher is consulting with Red Cup on podcast production. Tom’s production facility in San Francisco, Disher Music & Sound, is a state of the art recording studio, meeting any requirement of Red Cup’s client podcasts, including recording and mixing, ISDN digital pitch and phone patch, and the latest ProTools HD hardware and software complimented by numerous Class A mic preamps and Neumann, Sennheiser, and AKG microphones. Since founding Disher Music & Sound in 1993, the Emmy award winning composer and sound designer has produced countless musical compositions and soundtracks for commercials, documentaries, features, and the interactive realm. With a degree in classical piano and four years of post-graduate study in composition, followed by several years on the road touring with various bands, Tom self-produced his first recording in 1979. He has been an audio post engineer for over a decade, and still greatly enjoys the process of mixing.

Elena Lathrop – Writer

ElenaElena Lathrop is a freelance writer. Since graduating from UCLA in 2012, she’s built a comprehensive background in content development and strategy, working with subject matter ranging from politics to finance to technology. Elena is a firm believer in the power of the written word to tell a brand’s story and convert readers. After five sunny years in Los Angeles, she traded her car keys for a MetroCard and relocated to New York City in 2016. In addition to writing, Elena operates a food blog focused on cooking for one titled Let’s Tread Water, developing and photographing original recipes. In her free time you’ll find her at the farmer’s market looking for recipe inspiration, listening to 90s hip hop or practicing yoga.

 Data Science and Research – Meltwater

Red Cup is an agency client of Meltwater. We access the Meltwater database of 350,000 influencers, including journalists, bloggers, podcasters, and booking producers at radio and television stations. 

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